Guide to Apoyo Lagoon – Rejuvenating Gem of Nicaragua

Apoyo Lagoon serenity

There was something mesmerizing when I saw photos of the  lagoon. It looked very scenic but lonely one, a place where I imagined to reflect and finding peacefulness from chaos – not from cities but from my mind. That is Apoyo Lagoon, a rejuvenating gem of Nicaragua.

Apoyo Lagoon panorama

PC: Apoyo Lodge

Where is Apoyo Lagoon? 

Apoyo Lagoon, which is actually a crater lake, is located right in between Granada and Masaya, which shouldn’t be any excuse for you not to go when visiting Granada or Masaya 😉

I went there during the month of August (which considered to be a rainy season). However, I was lucky to have good weather during my visit. I heard that September and October are the wettest months. If you prefer dry season, visit Apoyo Lagoon during during November – April. If you don’t mind little to some rain, visit during May to August.

Ah, a huge bonus! I suggest you to visit during the full moon to see it at night.

Apoyo Lagoon serenity

PC: Dreamstime

Things to do in Apoyo Lagoon? 

I stayed at The Monkey Hut Hostel which included kayaking and tubes for swimming in the lake, and it has floating dock on the lake where people can relax under the sun or jump off the dock. The water is FRESH. FRESH, people.

I also see travelers reading books, drinking cocktails, paddleboarding, relaxing in hammocks, and I’m sure they would even do yoga there. You can hike on trails to the viewpoint or try their guided tour to Masaya Volcano and other places. I’ll try not go go on and on about this, but last but not least, you can also work on your laptop if you are a freelancer, blogger, etc.

Apoyo Lagoon kayak

PC: Getmyboat

This place is a heavily perfect place if you want to feel rejuvenated and reflect on your own thoughts and feelings.

If you don’t want to stay at The Monkey Hut hostel, you can also just visit for a day. They allow Day visitors with entrance fee (~$6 USD).

What to eat in Apoyo Lagoon? 

At The Monkey Hut hostel, they also have restaurants (such as La Chonita) and a bar. I honestly think the food at La Chonita was alright, but I heard positive reviews about the pizza restaurant that they have there. I didn’t get the chance to explore other nearby restaurants, but you can find few different options if you don’t want to eat at The Monkey Hut.

You can get taxi or catch a bus to eat restaurants at Masaya which is about 20 minutes drive away. If you prefer to save money, The Monkey Hut hostel have kitchen available for overnight guests and allow you to bring your own food to cook your own meals. Pretty neat!

Apoyo Lagoon shot

How much does it cost?

There’s no entrance fee to see Apoyo Lagoon! If you stay at The Monkey Hut hostel and stay in the dormitory with other travelers, it costs about ~$14USD (with all that activities! *excluding guided tours). If you want to share a room, it may cost about ~$44+,  depending which type of room. Depending what restaurants in Apoyo Lagoon, some food may cost more than $7+. Some visitors think the food is a little pricey, but I think it’s quite fine for many U.S. standard.

Have I mentioned that the water is crazily fresh? Maybe you’ve experienced that but as a person who was born and raised in Los Angeles with salty (sometimes brown – eh) water, I felt – refres- no, rejuvenated. My eyes didn’t burn, I didn’t cough the water out like in LA, nor did I panicked (due to fear of open water)  – this was just purely amazing.

Apoyo Lagoon sunset

I also woke up before sunrise, and everything was so peaceful and silent (unless it is to me, because I’m Deaf, haha) – unless the howler monkeys show up (they’re quite world champion screamers, mind you). Perhaps they would watch the sunrise with you as well 😉

Honestly, this is one of my ultimate favorite destinations in the world. I would actually come back to Nicaragua for this reason. Early morning was completely scenic, relaxing and quiet. I also had some time to reflect on my thoughts and feelings (such as how in the world was I falling in love for this guy whom I was traveling with – and yes, we’re together now). Other than my feelings, I thought about how I wouldn’t be happy to stay with 9-5 job in the office…I want to be out there but gotta find steps to do that (and I shall very soon).

Learn Some Spanish!

There are only few locals that know little or some English. I recommend you learn some basics in Spanish. You can learn through Google Translate (which I honestly don’t recommend…although I don’t know why I even mention that), Duolingo, or even YouTube. I also encourage you to learn about their culture. It is not only to respect Nicaraguans, but it is for you. For you to learn and to become culturally aware and culturally sensitive.

Apoyo Lagoon selfie

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