Fun things to do in Penang

Fun things to do in Penang street art

Penang is a wonderful destination that embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm. I chose to visit Penang because I was keen on seeing George Town, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, thanks to its numerous Chinese style shop houses found all over the island. And I’m glad that I made the decision to fly all the way to Malaysia to see its beauty. Here’re the fun things to do in Penang you must not miss!

Fun things to do in Penang street art

Fun things to do in Penang – Where is Penang?

Penang is an island-state off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Its capital city is George Town. Although Penang’s beach is not as beautiful as those in some other Malaysian states, the island’s rich multicultural history dating back to the beginnings of British colonisation in the 18th century, draws a large crowd of tourists every year.

Fun things to do in Penang sunset

Fun things to do in Penang – How to get there?

You will not have any problem in getting into Penang as there are many forms of public transport – car, bus, train or plane. Moreover, Penang is a great place to visit all year round. It’s rather humid though, so be prepared to get sweaty as you walk around the city.

Fun things to do in Penang

  • Penang Hill

The Penang Hill comprises of a group of peaks on Penang Island. Located in Air Itam, 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) west of the city centre of George Town, a taxi ride will bring you to the wonderful natural surroundings. Here you will indulge in Malaysian greenery and nature and see uninterrupted views of Penang city. Be sure to bring that camera as you don’t want to miss a shot of the stunning views this place offers.

  • Admire Street Art in George Town

I am a lover of street art and love seeing different street art forms in different cities.  When a close friend showed me photos of the old colonial style buildings and art murals, I was immediately inspired to visit Penang. I thought ‘Wow!’ I had never seen anything like it.

Fun things to do in Penang street art boy

I visited Armenian Street or what they say, Lebuh Armenian. It is a street in the inner city of George Town and within the core zone of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site. Here you will find many quirky art pieces and wall murals. Walking around trying to find the street art in George Town is an amazing activity that doesn’t cost you any money.  This link will help you find most of the street art locations in George Town.

Fun things to do in Penang estelle

Here’s an awesome video for you to have a closer look of George Town!

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  • Sky Walk

Sky Walk at the newly built Komtar allows you to see uninterrupted panoramic views of Penang city. Over there, you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset whilst sipping on a cocktail and breathing in the fresh air. Nothing beats the island’s breeze from The Top!

The-Top-Penang fun things to do in penang

PC: The Top

Fun things to do in Penang sunset beauty

Fun things to do in Penang – How much does it cost?

u hotel fun things to do in penangPenang is fairly cheap to travel. Taxi fares are around 6-10 Ringgit. I stayed at the U-HOTEL where rates were pretty well priced. It’s very clean and comfortable too. Mostly everyone in Penang speak English, including the locals. I’m sure you won’t have any problem communicating as long as you speak English.

When you are there, make sure you try the local street food, visit the Penang heritage sites, Batu Ferringhi for water sports and hit the beach. Overall, Penang does not break the bank and it is pretty cheap. Try to bargain with the locals too!

Final Thoughts from Chloe

Although I stay in Singapore, I’ve never really explored my neighbouring country, Malaysia. That’s very ironic, isn’t it? Estelle’s trip to Penang has showed me what Malaysia has to offer. Traveling ideas have started forming in my mind. What about you? If you’ve been to Penang before, share with us your experience by commenting below!

Fun things to do in Penang city

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