Best Thailand Travel Guide

Best Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha.  Its capital and most populous city is Bangkok. But Thailand's magic lies more than that. Its amazing culture, friendly people, delicious food and beautiful landscape will blow your mind away.

If you are looking for a perfect beach getaway, you can check out Bali, Phuket and Krabi. If you love hiking, greenery, and temples, Chiang Mai is the perfect destination. Most importantly, in this country of the smile, you can travel comfortably with a smart budget. Here's the Best Thailand Travel Guide. 

Best Thailand Travel Guide - Quick Tips

  • Currency: Thai Baht (click here for current conversion rates)
  • Visa: Many countries have Visa exemption for 30 days. You can check out whether you’re the lucky one here
  • Safety: It’s generally safe to travel in Thailand. That's why travelers love the country so much!
  • Climate: Thailand's climate is tropical with a mean annual temperature of 28°C and high humidity. There are three distinct seasons – the hot season from March to May, the cool season from November to February and the rainy season from about June to October.
  • Best SIM cards: There are 3 major suppliers in Thailand: True, DTAC and AIS. All of them have pros and cons, but their signal and 3G coverage are nowadays everywhere the same. So if you are going to the major touristy spots and you are not interested in 4G internet speed then simply choose the cheapest option of one of these 3 mobile companies. You will see the sign everywhere saying: 'Thailand SIM card for tourist'.

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