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Taiwan is one of my favorite countries on the planet. Its scenery is breathtaking, its people are friendly, and its food is just too tasty! As Taiwan is not a huge country with very good transpiration network, many people like to take a full month's break and go around the country. In Chinese, we call it "Huan Dao" (环岛), which literally means travel around the island/country. Here's the Best Taiwan Travel Guide you shouldn't miss while planning your trip to the awesome Taiwan.

Whether you're interested in the dazzling lights of Taipei, prefer the slow pace of Tainan, or the beautiful nature in Taichung, the vast distances in-between, Taiwan has something to offer you.

Public transportation works well, and it's fairly affordable to hire your own vehicle or scooter. Food and lodging can be quite cheap and the hostels are some of the best for value. For outdoorsy types, there are plenty of mountains to climb and many beautiful beaches for you to dive in.

Best Taiwan Travel Guide - Quick Tips

  • Language: Mandarin/Chinese. Taiwan is one of the countries where English will not be spoken much. So learn some Chinese before your trip. A few words go a very long way! You can quickly master a few basic conversations with my Free Chinese Lessons.
  • Currency: New Taiwan dollar/TWD (click here for current conversion rates)
  • Visa: Visa is required. But you can check whether your nationality is in the list of countries that established visa-free movement regime with Taiwan.
  • Safety: Taiwan is generally very safe to travel. And its people are highly friendly, especially in Tainan and rural areas.
  • Climate: Depends on region. Winter is generally cold and snowy and summer is hot and humid.
  • SIM Card: Pre-paid card mobile plan is cheap. All tel-co companies offer similar deals. Get your SIM at airport.

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