Felix Heller

Who Am I?

My name is Felix Heller. I’m a 21 years old traveler, photographer from Hamburg, Germany. I discovered my passion for traveling when I first went to Macedonia for climbing years ago – an experience I’ll definitely never forget about! By that time I knew that traveling will become part of my life – something that makes me grow.

Felix HellerThe more I travel the more I feel like understanding the world. For me, traveling is not just about moving around, getting over distance or relaxing in the sun. It‘s about facing new challenges, gaining unforgettable experience and discovering different cultures, tasting unfamiliar food and living in the present!

I have been traveling a lot the past years. Mostly around Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe when I finished school. During my first trip, I had really little money. So I figured out a way to travel to Slovenia for 2.50€ a day. It wasn’t always easy and could get quite exhausting. But there was no reason for me to stay home.

I’ve been traveling in Southeast Asia for a few month. Although it seems like a long time, it’s still not enough to explore the beauty of those countries. I started my journey in Bangkok and then made my way from Thailand to Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s actually the first time for me traveling outside of Europe. For the first few days, I was a bit overwhelmed having to process all these sensory input. I once wrote in my diary: “I can hardly manage to watch and walk the same time without tumbling…“

Later when I was home again, I decided to explore Eastern Europe by train and hitchhiking. I always have a passion for those countries. So I once again grabbed my backpack and left. I first went to Hungary and then made my way through Balkans; Serbia, Montenegro, Albania – which is blessed with such an amazing landscape and finally Macedonia.

Myanmar mountain

Although I value loneliness, I really enjoy companionship. I‘m at my best when surrounded by beautiful nature and some good friends. I love to be out with my camera, to clear my mind and harmonize my feelings, to hold on and watch the world changes – because change is the only reliable constant. I am always looking for new experience. My ever growing passion for photography is also pushing me to explore the world, to meet new people, collecting memories.

If you would like to see some of my work or just need inspiration for your next travel, feel free to check out my Instagram @felixh_photography.