Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei – Magic of Finders Hotel

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei mood

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but there’s a little child living inside you. All you need is to experience something, or meet someone that can spark off the kid spirit in you. Recently when I went to Taiwan Taipei, I was delighted to stay in a hotel that triggers my childhood memory – Alice in the Wonderland. I remember when I was a child, I loved reading Alice’s adventure and always wished that I could become Alice one day. When I got to the Finders Hotel, it was as if a dream came true. Here’s my favorite fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei. Read on to experience its magic.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei finders

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Fairy-tale Theme Hotel Taipei – Where is Finders Hotel?

Located a mere 10-minute walk from Taipei Main Station, Finders Hotel is situated within a 5-minute walk of shopping options at Ximending. The hotel provides a strategic and central location to explore Taipei. Nearby the hotel, there are various restaurants, cafes and convenient stores, so it’s really easy to get around. There are so many things to do in Taipei, check out my 7-day  Taipei travel itinerary to fully explore this beautiful city.

The Alice Adventure

As soon as you step into the hotel, you’ll feel like you just open the magical chapter to Alice’s adventure. Without a doubt, Finders Hotel is a themed hotel in Taipei revolving around Alice’s story. So are you ready to venture into the “magical forest”?

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei entrance

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei lobby

At one corner, you see shadows of reindeer; on the roof you see birds flying past; at the far end, Mr Rabbit dashing across the hall… Let your imagination run wild as you follows the adventure of Alice.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei reception

As soon as you receive your room key from the hotel assistants, you’ll be delighted once again. Just look at the beautiful envelope below, does it even look like a key to you? No way. It’s more like a magical booklet with a treasure hiding inside, and only the key inside can unlock the treasure box. It’s these small details that make the whole experience so special.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei key

Modern Room

If the lobby is the past fantasy, the room is the modern future. I stayed in xxx and the room is spotless. Although it’s small and has no window, I really enjoyed the quiet space and the comfortable bed. I actually appreciate the fact that there’s no window too. Why? Because when there’s a window, I tend to open it and Taiwan’s mosquitoes are crazy! So no matter what type of room you are staying in, don’t open the window!

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei bed

By the way, you can even spell a charm in your room! No kidding. They are “Cleaning Spell” and “Shield Charm Castle”. Aww… Just too sweet isn’t it.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei cleaning

Alice’s Food Tour

The hotel also provides food and drinks to its guest 24 hours a day, at no extra charge. How wonderful is that!

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei bun

You can find all kinds of typical Taiwan snacks at the food corner, such as the famous coup noodles, Taiwan milk tea, delicious buns, as well as many other packaged snacks.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei snacks

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei cup noodle

In the morning, the hotel also provides freshly made sandwiches to its guests. Only 100 pieces are available everyday, so don’t wake up too late!

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei bread

While you are enjoying the snacks, you can sit at cosy dining area to chit chat with your family and friends. The hall also shows different kinds of Hollywood blockbuster movies, so you will never be bored even if you are alone.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei function room

Postcard from Alice

Do you want to receive a postcard from Alice after you get home? Well, the hotel is thoughtful enough to send you one! All you need to do is to write yourself a postcard (yes, you’re now Alice!), and drop the postcard in the letter box designated to your country.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei letter box

And the hotel will help you to post it on your behalf, for FREE! I’ve been on the road so I haven’t gone back to Singapore yet, but I’m sure once I get home, I will be delighted to find it in my mailbox. 🙂

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei write

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei note box

If you don’t want to receive the postcard, instead, you want to leave a note to the hotel, you can also hang your little postcard on the wall to show your appreciation.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei note

Play with Alice

Have I mentioned that the hotel is super kids and family friendly? They even have a play room dedicated to children so that they can play all they want! Inside the room, there are different kinds of toys that keep the kids entertained, making the trip much more relaxing for the parents.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei play room

There’s also foosball section where you can enjoy with your friends and family! When I was there, I saw a family having so much fun playing it. Although it’s a simple game, it’s perfect for bonding.

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei play station

All in all, Finders Hotel is the ideal theme hotel in Taipei. Be it you are traveling solo, or with your loved ones, this hotel meets every of your needs at a very reasonable price. Most amazingly, it can reignite the kid in you! Cheers to our youth and say “hi” to Alice!

You can book your stay with Finders Hotel directly on its website, super easy and convenient.  Should you have any questions, you can ask them on Facebook too. Enjoy your stay!

Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei mood