Essential Advice For Your First Trip After Lockdown

Japan Top 5 Places to Travel Despite of Coronavirus Outbreak chloe sakura

For many, traveling abroad when the lockdown is lifted will be too much of a stretch. Many people are desperate to go away and explore somewhere new but don’t want to do it while there is still a risk of getting sick. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a staycation – somewhere nearby, perhaps somewhere you can drive to for a few days. You could camp, for example, and have a wonderful time. 

If this is going to be your first trip after lockdown, then you need to make sure you heed this advice to have the best time imaginable. Read on to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

Remember To Respect Other People 

Don’t forget, just because you can travel and get away from home doesn’t mean other people are doing the same. Many people you see at your destination may well live there. Even if they don’t, they may be reluctant to socialise. It’s important to keep your distance to ensure you’re respecting other people’s boundaries and helping to keep the situation under control. You’ll also need to tidy up after yourself and ensure you know the rules of an establishment before turning up. For instance, if drinking establishments are open, there’s a good chance you will have to sit down to drink – no standing at the bar. 

Japan Top 5 Places to Travel Despite of Coronavirus Outbreak chloe sakura

Choose Your Accommodation Carefully 

Now you need to do lots of research to ensure that you can stay where you want to stay. Make sure you can cancel without a fine should you need to cancel the booking due to lockdown restrictions – you never know what could happen by the time the date of your trip rolls around, and you don’t want to lose a ton of money. It might be better if you book directly with the property and agree that you will pay on arrival. Make sure they are accepting bookings from regular people, too – some are only accepting bookings from key workers or those who can prove they are unable to stay in their own homes. 

Remember – Not All Businesses Will Be Open 

You may be going away on a trip, but that doesn’t mean there will be lots to do. Restaurants may be open but with a limited number of tables, and you’ll need to look into individual beaches, museums, parks, and galleries. Pay attention to all restrictions and try to find out what’s going on before you travel so you don’t arrive feeling disappointed. This will impact your trip a little, but as long as you’re prepared you should be fine. 

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Pack Carefully 

You will likely be able to pack much less as there will be less to do, so that’s one bonus of going on your first trip after lockdown. Packing a couple of comfortable outfits, books, and shades for the beach might be just enough to keep you entertained. You may also want to take other forms of entertainment, but this might be a really nice time to get away from social media and the internet for a while so you can fully enjoy your time away from home. It might not be the vacation that you envisioned, but it could still be a wonderful, relaxing break to remember. 

If you wanted, you could take a journal with you and write a few lines each day, or even write out everything that’s been going on in your head during the lockdown. This could be a good time to start a personal project or habit that you’ve wanted to get into for a while. 

Take It Easy

Planning too much could end up being overwhelming. Just take it easy and leave some spare time so you can explore and decide what to do at the moment. Nobody is spontaneous anymore! You could plan a few walks and visits to spots nearby to make sure you have something to do each day, but there’s no need to jampack your itinerary. Take this time to get back to nature and back in touch with yourself. You’ll appreciate it!  

The first trip after lockdown will still be exciting if you accept that it’s going to be a little bit different from the other trips you’ve been on. If you go into it with the right mindset, then there’s no reason you can’t still have an amazing time, whether you’re on your own or with your family. Leave your thoughts and where you’d like to go in the comments below. Thanks for reading!