Best of Edith Falls Katherine

Edith Falls Katherine

Katherine Gorge has so much to offer and you’ll be drawn to the majestic beauty and sheer size of the spectacular gorge. Edith falls is part of the Katherine and it’s located in the west of the park. A visit to Edith Falls (Leliyn) is a must if you want to enjoy the gorgeous pool view and take a dip in the cooling swimming pool! Check out the best things to do in Edith Falls Katherine and be inspired!

Edith Falls Katherine upper-pool-view

Best of Edith Falls Katherine – How to get there?

The turnoff to Edith Falls (Leliyn) is 40km north of Katherine along the Stuart Highway. The park entry is 20km further along Edith Falls Road. Although it’s isolated from the main Katherine national park entrance, it’s really worth a visit!

Edith Falls Katherine hiking-view

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Best of Edith Falls Katherine – How Many Pools In Total?

The Edith Falls comprises two swimming pools – the lower and upper pools. The lower pools are much bigger, kind of offering infinitely view. And water here seems shallow too. You can see from people taking selfie in the middle of the pools!

Edith Falls Katherine-lower-pool

Edith Falls Katherine lower-pool-view

Most people however, prefer swimming in the upper pools as the views there are greater. In order to get to the upper pool, you’ll need to spend at least an hour hiking. No worries, the signs are very clear and you won’t get lost.

Edith Falls Katherine hiking-sign

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Best of Edith Falls Katherine – Hiking In The Wild

Just like the scenery in most parts of the NT, The Edith Falls hike is full of rocks, stones and dry grass. It gives you a very outback feel which you can rarely get in other parts of Australia. As the sun was very strong, Calvin and I decided to wear protective jackets and hats to avoid sunburn. I highly recommend you to do the same should you visit NT in the dry season!

Edith Falls Katherine-hiking

Edith Falls Katherine nature

Best of Edith Falls Katherine – The Beautiful Upper Pool

After some good hikes, you’ll finally reach the upper pools. The view is extremely refreshing with emerald water glittering in front of your eyes! We saw a number of travelers changing into swimming suits and bikinis, and in no time, they jumped into the pools! When I touched the water, it was surprising cooling. No wonder people were eager to get in there.

Edith Falls Katherine upper-pool

Edith Falls Katherine upper-pool-view

Check out the video below to see the upper pools in action!

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As Edith Falls Katherine does not attract a lot of crowd, it’s really peaceful. Take your time to enjoy the breeze and serenity. If you have time for a full day or overnight walk, go for a swim in the secluded Sweetwater pool. That pool provides a lot of privacy, you can even consider swimming there naked if there’s no one around!

Edith Falls Katherine hiking-pool