1. Goa Spirit

    Fantastic I’m still in the building stage of my van travelling adventure at the moment, but looking forward to getting on the road maybe I’ll bump into you and I can give you a tour of my van.

  2. We have done road trips in Europe but never in a van. Must be fun to be able to park and camp at all these amazing spot with awesome views! We saw a few of them when we were in Iceland.

  3. Like they say, many of the best things in life are free (petrol is not one of them). There is plenty to be seen at all different budget levels. Sometimes, it’s a time vs money issue but other times, the experience has no price.

  4. The Lavish Nomad

    I love the way you’re drying your clothes haha. Its a great looking camper van and has everything you need. It really looks fun.

  5. Christine Messina

    Looks like a great experience! I did one small trip with a camper van, it was a lot of fun! But I could only do it for a few days. Im too much of a princess lol

  6. Katie Dundas

    Great tips! I tended to mostly use EasyJet/RyanAir to get around when I lived in Europe, but a road trip would be an epic thing to try!

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