1. Francesca

    Honestly, I had no idea there is Universal Studios in Japan, and I’d never even heard of DisneySea! As an American who’s been to theme parks in the U.S. only, I think it would be an experience to visit any theme park – especially of the Disney variety – in another country. Add that to your assessment, I think I’d first opt for Disneyland.

  2. One of my favourite things to do at a theme park was to watch the US Disneyland electric light parade. Looking at your photos, I think I would love the Universal Studios parade (which is reminiscent of the old Disney parade). The Disneyland parade also looks interesting. I am not too much into the thrill rides, though.

  3. I had no idea about Disney Sea! Looks like Japan offers a lot of really awesome amusement parks to visit. We went through Tivoli which was the inspiration for Disney last month…but these ones blow it out of the water 🙂

  4. Nicole LaBarge

    I’ve always wanted to visit a theme park overseas. I didn’t get a chance to go when I lived in Japan. This is really useful and will check it out when I’m there next year.

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