Digital Nomad Mistakes That Could Send You Straight Home

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Digital nomads work remotely while they travel the world. Since seemingly everyone is tired of their nine to five office routine, this lifestyle has grown in popularity over the past few years. The only problem is, not everyone will be successful with it. There are lots of obstacles that can cause aspiring digital nomads to fail in their attempts to live a free and location-independent life. To make sure that you don’t join them, here are six digital nomad mistakes that you must avoid. 

Starting Without A Plan

Many people rush into the nomad lifestyle without thoroughly thinking it through. They assume that they can move to a popular digital nomad hub, and everything else will somehow fall into place. Before long, however, most realize that making money online isn’t all that easy. You needn’t plan the next decade of your life, but you should consider the goals you want to meet.

Assuming You’ll Find Internet

Despite being able to access the internet from nearly anywhere in the world, you need to have a backup plan. After all, there are no guarantees that the wifi connections you’ll find will be strong enough for you to work. A portable travel wifi will allow you to work in hundreds of countries all over the world. You could visit coworking spaces too, as they tend to have the best internet. 

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Saving Up Too Little

The digital nomad lifestyle is usually the cheaper option. However, there will be expenses you don’t often have to worry about. While housing will likely be more affordable, you might have to buy bottled water. There are also flights to pay for, as well as groceries and business expenses. You must have an emergency fund to fall back on, in case your income doesn’t cover these costs.

Working All The Time

It’s normal to fear failure as a digital nomad. No one wants to return home having accomplished nothing, after all. That being said, you shouldn’t allow this fear to stop you having fun. Rather than work every day of the week, you must take the time to explore your surroundings and meet new people. Hard work is important, but, if you spend all your time working, you’ll eventually burn out. 

Staying In Your Pyjamas

You might not have a dress code, but that doesn’t mean you should dress for your job. As tempting as it can be to stay in your pyjamas all day, you have to shower and get dressed. You’ll struggle to stay productive if you don’t. You must also remember to eat three nutritious meals each day and exercise. Taking proper care of your health will make life much more enjoyable. 

day trips from tokyo blue flower

Traveling Around Very Quickly

We all have a long list of places we want to visit and, as a digital nomad, it is possible to see them all. Nonetheless, you can’t spend all of your time traveling. While visiting a new city every few days is exciting, it will eventually tire you out. You’ll struggle to get into a routine or work productively. This is why you should stay in each place for at least a few weeks. 

To become a successful digital nomad, try to avoid making the mistakes above.