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Dalat, in my opinion, is the most beautiful and exciting city in Vietnam. It’s beautiful as it’s surrounded by nature. It’s exciting as there are so many adventurous sports you can do. If you know me, you’ll know I’m an adventure seeker. I live by my YOLO motto and will try everything the sky, the earth and the sea has to offer. So when I was googling “what to do in Dalat”, canyoning popped up. I didn’t know what canyoning was, so I went to check out the pictures. I was immediately intrigued.  The waterfall, the climb, the rock, the thrill, they are everything I need. Without hesitation, I went ahead to book the tour from Dalat Adventure Tour. In my opinion, it’s the Best Dalat Canyoning Tour.

Dalat Canyoning Tour waterfall

Dalat Canyoning Tour – What is Canyoning?

You must have so many questions in your head. What is canyoning really about? You can think it as “White Water Rafting without the boats but the ropes”.  Canyoners navigate their ways down to the canyon by trekking, swimming, jumping into the water and Zip Line. Sound challenging and fun? It is!

Dalat is an amazing place for canyoning due to its climate and terrain. The climate in Dalat is often called ‘Eternal Spring’ for its pleasantly cool temperatures throughout the day, making it very suitable for outdoor activates. What’s more, there are many waterfalls and mountainous terrains. That’s why canyoning is a very popular activity in Dalat.

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Check out the awesome video below and get a feel of what canyoning is really like!

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Dalat Canyoning Tour – What’ll You Experience?

To be frank, I still didn’t have much clue what canyoning was about until the tour day itself. The guide picked us up early at 9am from our hotel on that day. After a 30 mins drive, we were in the middle of the jungle.

Dalat Canyoning Tour group

Over there, we met up with the rest of the team mates, put on our gears, and off we go! In the next 1 hr or so, you’ll spend time rappelling (also known as abseiling) on a hill. In other words, you jump backwards down a steep hill in frog-like hops.

Dalat Canyoning Tour coach

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Best Dalat Canyoning Tour – The Real Test

Then it is time for the real thing; a dry cliff (for more practice) followed by a thundering waterfall. I did pretty well for the dry cliff and managed to maintain my correct abseiling pose. But when it was the turn to do on the real waterfall, I slipped and bang myself in the rock! Ouch! (Luckily it was nothing serious) And when I turned my head and looked down, I could feel my stomach tightened.  The cliff was really high and the water just kept gushing down, hitting my face. At one point, I was really nervous and the process seemed endless. But finally I made it to safety.

Dalat Canyoning Tour rock

Dalat Canyoning Tour waterfall view

And of course it isn’t the end. After the exciting “first attempt”, you’ll trek to the next waterfall – Washing Machine. The trek itself is 3km. Along the way, you’ll found yourself being surrounded by nature and serenity.

Dalat Canyoning Tour hiking

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Best Dalat Canyoning Tour – Washing Machine

Washing Machine is as scary as it sounds. The water speed is faster and the force is stronger. And over there, I slipped again and turned myself upside-down! Our guide had informed us in advance that, should such situation happen, we just need to turn around and slowly lower ourselves down. No more frog jumping!

Dalat Canyoning Tour abseiling

Best Dalat Canyoning Tour – Zipline Freedom

After all the adrenaline rush, the fun is not over yet! You can now try out the rest of the activities such as cliff jumping (3m and 11m) and Zip-lining. I really like the Zip-lining activities as the view is super awesome as you fly across the pond.

Dalat Canyoning Tour activity

Dalat Canyoning Tour zipline

Dalat Canyoning Tour zipline fun

Personally I didn’t try cliff jumping as I already did so in Boracay Philippine, where I jumped down from a 15m cliff. It was super painful as I landed wrongly. I really do not want it to happen again. ;P But if it’s the first time for you, I strongly recommend you to try them all. You only live once!

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Dalat Canyoning Tour jump

Dalat Canyoning Tour cliff jumping

Dalat Canyoning Tour – Why it’s the Best Canyoning Tour in Dalat?

  • Small Group Size

I was very happy that there were only 6 team members in total and there were 3 guides following us. It really made me feel safe and secured. I know there are some tours offering cheaper prices but have a larger group. But personally, when it comes to extreme sports like canyoning, I prefer a smaller group so that every member can be taken care of. A smaller group also means less waiting time and more fun time!

Dalat Canyoning Tour group shot

  • High Quality Equipment

The equipment Dalat Adventure Tour provides are imported from France and Singapore, which means the quality can be rest assured. I also feel that their equipment are generally new and most importantly, very secured.

  • Professional Guides

All 3 guides are professional, patient and friendly. Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to complete the whole course safely. And although they are Vietnamese, their English is good. So there’s no problem communicating at all.

Dalat Canyoning Tour walking

What’s more, one of the guides helped us to take pictures and videos throughout our journey. That’s why we have some really good looking pictures after the trip!

  • Affordable Price

The half day tour (9am – 4pm) cost $30 USD per person. It includes everything from guides, transportation, equipment, wetsuits, picnic lunch to drinking water and travel insurance. Basically you don’t have to bring anything on that day, except for you action camera (if you have), changing clothes, socks and a good pair of shoes that can get wet!

Dalat Canyoning Tour selfie

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However, there’s an area that can be improved from the tour, which is to provide a changing tent. During our trip, we had to change behind a truck in an open space. Although we were in the wild with almost no one around, it was still insecure for me. But all in all, it was a great experience!

If you are still wondering whether you are fit for the canonying tour, I can assure you that as long as you are reasonably healthy, you’ll have no problem. Even a tiny beginner like me is able to conquer all the obstacles, what makes you think you cannot?

Dalat Adventure Tour sponsored my tour and I really had a lot of fun on that day.

All opinions are mine and genuine. The company also offers other adventurous tours.

You’ll be able to find it from their website.