Dalat Attractions Guide – A Beautiful Town That Captures Your Heart

Dalat Attractions Guide pongour waterfall

If you read my last blog Best Dalat Canyoning Tour, you’ll get to know Dalat is a perfect place for outdoor adventurers. But this beautiful town has a lot more to offer. The first thing that’ll capture your attention is its French style architectures. As Dalat used to be colonised by the French, it looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. With that, Dalat is easily the most beautiful and romantic town in the whole Vietnam. In this post, you will get to see the complete Dalat attractions guide, and understand why this beautiful town will captured your heart.

Dalat Attractions Guide cable car view

Dalat Attractions Guide – When is the best time to go Dalat?

At 1500m height compared with sea level, Dalat enjoys a cool climate all year round. The climate in Dalat is often called ‘Eternal Spring’ for its pleasantly warm temperatures during the day and quite cool at night. Like other mountainous areas in the Middle of Vietnam, Dalat has 2 main seasons: dry season and rain season. The wet season is often from April to October. The locals say during this period, the downpour is non-stop. So it’s wiser to come to Dalat from November to March. We visited Dalat in early Dec, although there was occasion drizzle, activities could still be carried out as per normal.

Dalat Attractions Guide – Cable Car Ride

Dalat Attractions Guide cable car

It’s truly amazing to have a cable car in the middle of Dalat town. Getting there is as convenient as ABC as there are many taxis in town. The cable car ride is a popular way to see Dalat from above. Apart from seeing the town, you’ll get to admire the beautiful greenery and mountains surrounding Dalt.

Given that a roundtrip ticket is only 20,000 VND ($1 USD) more, it’s more economical to take the cable car to Truc Lam Pagoda and Tuyen Lake, have a walk around and take photos before riding back to the city.

Single trip: 50000 VND ($2.5 USD)

Round trip: 70000 VND ($3.5 USD)

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Dalat Attractions Guide – Pongour Waterfall

Dalat Attractions Guide pongour fall view

Pongour is one of the most famous waterfalls in the province. Before I went to Vietnam, I purposely googled the Dalat attractions and this waterfall appeared to be among the top. Despite that it is very far from town (50km), we decided to give it a go and we went there by hiring a motorbike. To be frank, the ride was a lot longer than expected. It actually took us 2 agonizing hours to get there due to the poor road condition. So if you are hiring a motorbike like we did, be prepared for the bumpy ride!

Dalat Attractions Guide pongour fall

The waterfall is spectacular, but due to the drizzle over the past few days, the water level was very high. It’s not a good thing if you want to hike up the stair and take an awesome shot. So in the end, we only managed to take the picture at the bottom. What a pity!

Overall, I felt that the waterfall is beautiful, but it’s rather small. There’s nothing much to do apart from seeing the waterfall itself. So in my opinion, it’s not exactly worth it to spend at least 4 hours on the road just to catch it.

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Dalat Attractions Guide – Elephant Waterfall

Dalat Attractions Guide fall

Elephant waterfall is about 25km far from Dalat city in the south west. To get there, you can either hire a motorbike, a taxi or book a tour. We personally booked a tour from Dalat Adventure Tour, which took us to many different attractions around Dalat in one day. Elephant Waterfall was one of them.

Dalat Attractions Guide elephant water fall

It only takes 10 minutes to reach the bottom of the falls but the way down is slippery and tricky. The first half is on bricked stairs with metal handrail. But the second half is uneven rocks. It can get extremely slippery and muddy, so steady feet and decent hiking sandals/shoes are required. Be prepared to get your shoes dirty!

Dalat Attractions Guide elephant fall

However, all your effort is worth it as the waterfall is truly spectacular. With its majestic size and beautiful nature, Elephant Waterfall is recognized as a national heritage in 2001.

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Dalat Attractions Guide – Lang Biang Mountains

Dalat Attractions Guide hiking

Lang Biang Mountains is only about 12km from Dalat centre and sometimes called Lam Vien Mountain as well. The beautiful mountain offers breathtaking view of Dalat and around. The hike takes approximately 3-4 hours.

If you are lazy to hike but love to have a great view from the top, you can also drive all the way up. We opted in the second option and let Dalat Adventure Tour dropped us at the top and spent some time admiring the view.

Dalat Attractions Guide – Coffee Platation

Dalat has a very famous coffee called Kopi Luwak, which is civet poo coffee. Sounds strange? You bet. According to the local, the coffee beans become very fragrant and rich after going through civets’ stomachs. As it’s time consuming to make, the coffee is the most expensive in Dalat.

Dalat Attractions Guide coffee plantation view

A small cup costs 100,000 VND ($5 USD) per cup throughout the city, while a normal Vietnamese coffee is only about 15,000 VND ($ 0.5 USD). But if you visit the coffee plantation, they are willing to give a discount and offer only 60,000 VND ($2 USD) per cup. Personally I tried it and didn’t enjoy the coffee very much. Still, it was worth the experience, especially with the beautiful views surrounding the plantation.

Dalat Attractions Guide coffee plantation

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Dalat Attractions Guide – Crazy House

Since the opening of the Crazy House, it has become a major attraction of Dalat. Situated in the middle of the town, the Crazy House has really crazy and unconventional architectures that will blow your mind away. Described as a “fairy tale house”, the building’s overall design resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs and caves.

Dalat Attractions Guide crazy house

Apart from being a walk-in museum, it is also a hotel for people who love to experience an unusual night. You can book your stay at Crazy House here.

Dalat Attractions Guide – Night Market

Wondering what to do at night? Check out the night market in town! Over there, you can get to taste all the different kinds of local food. Apart from that, you can get pretty cheap stuff such as socks, bags etc.

Dalat Attractions Guide night market

Dalat Attractions Guide food

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Dalat Attractions Guide – Where to Stay?

We spent 3 nights in Zen Lakeside Café, a super beautiful and cosy lodge at the outskirt of Dalat town. The fact that it’s around 10km away from town gives the area a lot of serenity. When I look at the pictures of the room and surrounding, I was immediately intrigued. The lodge is situated right by a beautiful lake, so it got the name of Zen Lakeside Café. Every now and then, you’ll see the lake being covered by a layer of mist, making the area even more mysterious.

Dalat Attractions Guide room stay

The rooms are very spacious and tastefully designed. I really love the huge glass in the room, enabling us to see the beautiful lake without getting outside. What’s more, the owner Axel and Mai are super friendly and speak perfect English. Mai’s cooking is awesome too!

Dalat Attractions Guide room

PC: Dalat Lakeside Cafe 

Dalat Attractions Guide stay

PC: Dalat Lakeside Cafe 

Given its top quality, the price is slightly more expensive than staying in town. But if you really love to have a gate-away, Zen Lakeside Café is perfect for you! You can book the room from here, in return I will have a small amount of commission. It really means a lot to me as this small amount will enable me to continue providing awesome content. 😀

Dalat Attractions Guide lodge

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Hope you find this Dalat Attractions Guide useful. I hope it has successfully convinced you to pay there a visit. If not, check out the special video below and be amazed by its beauty. Have a blast!

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