Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed During Your Cross-Country Trip

Cross-country trips are the kind of trip that deserve to be dove into, fully. Everyone should try freeing themselves from the confinements of the traditional vacation at least once, and to find the rewards of truly exploring. However, it’s also the type of trip that can easily trip you up if you’re not prepared. Here, we’re going to look at how you can ensure you’re prepared as best as possible.

Make sure your car is ready for the trip

The miles and miles of driving involved in a cross-country trip is going to put way more stress on your car than it’s used to. As such, you should make sure that it’s in top condition ahead of time. A full inspection and tune-up from the mechanic may be in order before you hit the road, and it’s wise to have an emergency repair kit with you out there, as well. If you’re not certain your auto can handle it, then maybe you should consider hiring a car, instead.

Stock up on the essentials

Besides the road emergency repair kit (including things like jump cables and a spare tire), you should prepare some emergency provisions for you and your companions as well. The emergency kit shown at Digital Trends provides a good overview of a host of items that can help you stay safe on the road. Whether your break down or you simply can’t find a diner and are starting to get seriously hungry, it’s important to stay supplied, safe, and hydrated.

Be conservative when planning your stops

It’s easy to have lofty goals of reaching the next stop in a single dash, and to think you have enough gas in the tank to keep going without issue. However, as Stephen Troese Jr. points out, not knowing your limits can have its repercussions. The risk of running out of gas, alone, is worrying enough, and can happen if you end up driving into an area if there isn’t a gas station for a hundred miles. Worse yet, the risk of not being able to find a stop after passing your last one and the drowsy driving it can lead to can put you in a real danger.

Losing your way

Part of the appeal of the cross-country trip is, of course, seeing the unknown and exploring territory you’ve never had the opportunity to, before. However, that doesn’t mean you should drive into an area without knowing how to get out. So long as there’s a road, there’s a way to find yourself back, but you can waste a lot of time and a lot of gas by not planning out your route in advance. RoadTrippers is a great app for helping you find flexible routes from place to place, allowing for some improvisation, but ensuring you’re always on track.

The cross-country trek is the kind of trip that’s truly worth enjoying and by taking the tips above in mind, you make it all the easier to fully dive into. Get prepared, take care, and know how much travel you can fit into one day.