Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home match folk and spoon

Are you passionate about photography? If you are, do you know how to make your photographs creative? Meet Jeremy Teo and his creative photography, whose photographs have made it to the National Geographic’s Daily Dozen page. In this post, Jeremy will share with you his inspirations behind his photography and tips to take these photos. The photos showcased here may have no direct connections with travel, but photography is integral to every traveler journey. We hope that through this post, you can gain a new perspective towards photography, sparking off some creativity in you. Read on to discover how you can create creative photography using folk and spoon, matches or slips, and any small objects you can find in your daily life. Here are the Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home

This photo is inspired by artist Charley Elmaga from the Philippines. I was so intrigued by the creativity and clever use of lighting that I decided to challenge myself. The flames cannot be controlled and one has to depend on luck to get the shot. It may also take you multiple attempts. I call it “Monarchy of the Matchstick Men”.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home matches

This is a photograph showing communication by means of hand gestures between a minor and an adult or an Asian with a westerner. I was in a photocopying room when I noticed the way an Englishman was talking to an Asian out at the office. Looking at the resources around me, I thought to myself how better to represent this communication than 2 paper clips sitting on a stack of paper. This cultural imbalance can be seen by differences in physique, specifically height and structure of the clips, taking into account cultural norms, biasness and stereotypes of a specific cultural group.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home paper clip

I was out on the streets in the midst of darkness when I noticed a couple kissing from the outdoor balcony of their high-rise apartment. The balcony was dimly lit. At the opposite end facing the apartment, a man was watching intently from his balcony. This is a photo of lust, sex, jealousy and dominance with a simple illustration using tooth brushes and glass cups, taking into account gender biasness and stereotypes. The differences can be seen from the height and placement of the toothbrushes, and the angle at which the photograph was taken.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home toothbrush

I was having my morning dose of cereal and milk when I noticed what looks like a smiley face produced on the surface of the milk due to the angle at which my metallic spoon was placed in the milk and the opacity of the milk. I thought to myself, if only I could create the perfect face with the cereal that I had with me.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home honeystar

This is an illustration of a perfect family of 3 – father, mother and child, photographed with the use of pins. They each have a distinct identity, separated by differences in physique, height and color. Here we have to take into account gender biasness and stereotypes. The father represented by the color blue, mother red and their child significantly shorter. Yet the closeness within the family is evident from the angle at which the pins are placed, with the blue and red leaning towards each other.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home pin

This photograph exemplifies the feeling of hurt, or when someone is particularly feeling down. I was having my usual walk in the park when I noticed a couple sitting back to back under a tree, leaning against each other. No words were exchanged. The atmosphere was cold and silent and their faces were expressionless. The girl held her head down as if she was low-spirited that day. I wanted to express this emotion through the use of matchsticks, with a distinct difference in gender and clear indication of emotion through the use of height, color and posture.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home sad match

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home – How To Shoot?

The key to photography lies not in what we look at but what we see. It is this differentiation that sets apart one photographer from another. Apply this to theory and you will discover that it does not merely apply to visual perception of things in general but also a mental framework of one’s behavior and personality.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home folk and spoon

Start practicing scrutiny of human behavior in your everyday life. By doing careful observations, you will slowly grasp their emotional responses, thereby visually interpreting them using inanimate objects. If you can photograph a kitchen utensil and create life and meaning in ways that have never been imagined, then you have succeeded.

If you are keen to learn more about my work and creative photography, you can watch my “40 Creative Photography Ideas” video below. You can also read here to find out more about me.

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Final Thoughts From Chloe

This post is very important to me. It is the very first post that’s published under the Share Your Stories initiative. Thank you Jeremy for being the first person to support this initiative. Thank you for sharing the same vision as me, which is to inspire people to travel longer, better and smarter. Words can’t express how grateful I am. I hope Jeremy’s work and tips will shed you a different light on photography. And most importantly, inspire you to try this cool idea out.

Creative Photography Ideas To Do At Home spoon

Do you like creative photography too? Share with me your experience by commenting below and start inspiring others!