Colin Miller


Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Colin Miller. Ever since a fateful trip to London for a few days in 2001 I have been seriously and irreversibly bit by the travel bug. In the last 15 years I have been to over 100 countries and lived in Spain, Germany and Thailand. For the last ten years I have been based in beautiful Munich, Germany, which has served as a great base to explore many parts of Europe and destinations further afield.

For most of my career I have been in digital and content marketing, skills I also use in my personal and travel life. I am always on the hunt for unique experiences and connecting with locals and other travelers, and I love to share these with others. I believe that getting outside your routine and your comfort zone and understanding more about our world is the best way to grow as a person and live a truly fulfilling life in the short time we all have here.

To follow my adventures, check out my Instagram @whatsthewurst