Cinque Terre Travel Guide: Destination You Don’t Want Others To Know

Let’s be honest, there are places that we love so much, that we have a hard time sharing with others because it is such a hidden gem, so precious, so lovely… I found a place like this, the summer I went on a trip to Northern Italy; Cinque Terre. In this post, I’m going to show you the Cinque Terre travel guide and unveil to you all the secrets.


What everyone knows about Cinque Terre

I know, I know, Cinque Terre is popular and famous among travelers all over the world. It is even ranked among the top destinations, where locals are beginning to refuse tourists because, there are too many already.  However, it still has a special charm, if you know where to go. Cinque Terre consists of five places, all close to the ocean and surrounded by beautiful vineyards. They are all Instagram-picture perfect due to their joyful colored houses.


What everyone don’t know…

If you decide to travel there, make sure to go to Vernazza – it is the most intimate of all the five places. Most people head to Monterosso al Mare, but if you have a chance to visit, go to Vernazza. I highly recommend traveling there in June because it is warm enough but most of the tourist crowds (the Italians, the French… I have also heard a lot of American English) are not yet there.


Where to stay?

The place is quite small, so hotels are limited. If you decide to visit, make sure to book in advance. If you are travelling on a low budget google for  “Bed and breakfast” or “pension” rather than hotels. I definitely recommend Francamaria Rooms for your stay. You can reserve your room online or book from The accommodation is located right at the main plaza and only a few steps away from the ocean. If you chose room number 2, you will have a beautiful view on the small church.


What to do?

Refresh yourself in the afternoon with a delicious gelato or get your bikini ready and jump into the water. If you are hungry after your swim, try out the typical green pesto Genovese, a specialty of the region which is produced in Genova. It is delicious with pasta and will fill you up for a while.

After recharging your battery and power, go on a stroll along the vineyards. There is a small track between Vernazza and Monterosse, about 3.5km long.  Once you climb to the top, you will have a beautiful view of Vernazza and the coastal line. If you are lucky enough, there will be an elderly man waiting at the end of the track, who will prepare fresh orange juice for you. It’s probably the best orange juice on earth, especially after such a workout in weather over 30 degrees Celsius. The cost to enter trail is 7 Euros, but seriously, it is all worth it.



In Monterosso, go for a swim at the beach, which is much bigger than the one in Vernazza. Transportation is easily accessible between these two places. You can hire taxi boats or simply take the train. It’s just a 5-min ride.

Travel guide – everything you need to know

Curious to find out more? Check out the travel guide on my blog now to find all the details of how to get there, where to eat, and even where to find the best spot for a sun-downer drink.


Final thoughts from Chloe

Italy is such a charming country. Its food, its architecture and culture is rich and amazing. How wonderful Solveig shared with us a little hidden gem in Cinque Terre to inspire us to travel longer, better and smarter! If you want to find out more about Solveig and her amazing life stories, you can check out her biography here.

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