Cheap Skydiving Sydney

Cheap Skydiving Sydney top view enjoy

Today was one of the biggest days in our lives! This was because we were going to do something really crazy and fun — SKY DIVING! In this post, I’m going to show you where to find Cheap Skydiving Sydney!

Where to do Cheap Skydiving Sydney?

We chose Sydney Skydivers and we set off really early so that we could reach the center at Picton at 9am. We booked the deal through but I later realised that it was actually much cheaper to book directly from Sydney Skydivers. If only I could find it out earlier, I would probably save $300 AUD. T..T

Cheap Skydiving Sydney

So if you want to try Skydiving from Sydney Skydivers, which I highly recommend as the experience was really great, you should go straight to its website instead. Another thing great with Sydney Skydivers is that they offer free transfer from Sydney to Picton! It can help you to save your transportation cost and time driving to Picton (around 1.5 hr drive from Sydney center). However, as we planned to drive to Govetts Leap in the afternoon, we skipped the offer and drove there instead.

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Cheap Skydiving Sydney – Skydiving in Action!

This was me getting ready to board the plane, which sent us 14,000 feet above the ground! And the person beside me was my lifesaver John. John was a very professional and friendly skydiver. So I felt really safe, although I was still very nervous as the plan went up. Oh yes, if you want to travel with a peace of mind, get yourself a travel insurance from World Nomad that covers extreme sports like Sky Diving. After all, it’s a risk that you are taking!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney plane

The air got increasingly cold as we rose to the top. And eventually we were above the clouds. The world below us became a beautiful mini puzzle joint up together by many tiny pieces.

I was the third one jumping down from the plane. The wind was blowing strongly against us as John slide me to the edge of the plane. And in no time, I was skydiving. The gravity was exhilarating! It was not the type of gravity you would experience in theme park which could make you feel sick. When you do skydiving, the gravity makes you feel free, and you will want more of it!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney skydive

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This is my friend Marcus. Can you see how great the view is from above?

Cheap Skydiving Sydney closeup

Cheap Skydiving Sydney sky view

Check out Marcus’s skydiving experience now!

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Cheap Skydiving Sydney? – Feeling the Adrenaline Rush

And in less than 10-15 seconds, John opened up the first parachute to slow down and I got to enjoy falling at a constant speed. At this stage, I didn’t feel like falling, I felt like I was floating! And as the second parachute opened, we slowed down drastically and I could finally enjoy every single detail of the town. And at some point, John started turning the parachute to make us do some circles in the sky. It was very magical to see the world spinning around!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney photo
And here I was back to the ground, safely in piece! I really couldn’t say enough thanks to John for giving me such a wonderful experience!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney end of the trip

After we completed our dive, the center even gave us a certificate of completion.😛

Cheap Skydiving Sydney cert

On the way out from Sydney Skydivers, we stopped the car by the entrance as we were attracted to the wild animals inside the fence. The cows slowly approached us as they thought we were bringing them food! In order not to disappoint them, we just randomly plucked off some grass beside the fence and fed them.😛 Look at the cute tongue!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney cow

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Govetts Leap

After lunch, we head straight to Govetts Leap which offers spectacular panorama view of Blue Mountain and its valley. Of course we didn’t stop at the look out. We ventured further into the mountain and reached another lookout point. And over there my friend Jeremy wanted to do something really crazy. He wanted to climb over the fence and took a picture of his feet dangling over the cliff.  And every one of us ended up having to hold onto one another to prevent each other from falling. >..<

Cheap Skydiving Sydney govette-leap

Cheap Skydiving Sydney fun
But I have to admit, the view was so much more spectacular without the fence! And we took a nice group shot!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney group shot

And that’s the end of our short Sydney trip. Our next stop was the end of the world – Tasmania!

Cheap Skydiving Sydney – Itinerary at a glance:

  • Skydiving (approximate $300 AUD)
    Consider booking directly from Sydney Skydivers. It will cost roughly $300 AUD per person. However, do note that you need to top up around $100 for videophy and photography, even with your own Go-Pro. I feel it is the only unreasonable point from the whole experience.
  • Govetts Leap (Free Admission)
    If you have time, spend time to walk around the area. The scenery is spectacular.