1. Great tip for anyone hiring a car. It can be a daunting experience the first time you hire a car. there is the feeling of the unkown what am and what are i not covered for. The beauty of the hire allows yoou more freedom to explore places you would not normally go

  2. Gokul Raj

    I usually take public transport but I have missed out on remote places as I did not have a vehicle. Will keep there tips in mind while getting a car.

  3. Holly

    All great tips. A lot of people don’t fully understand what all goes into renting a car and choosing the best for you. Another thing to note is everyones security deposit is different so that is something to check as well.

  4. Anf Braybrooke

    Great post. I’ve rented cars in heaps of countries and never really had a problem. Well, there was this one time I totalled a rental, but had full insurance. They tried to get some money out of me, but since the crash wasn’t my fault they got nothing!

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