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Car Hire Tips

If you are looking for reliable Car Hire Tips, look no further! I have been doing self-drive trips for the past 5 years, visiting numerous countries such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan and more. Most of the experience was pleasant, except for the recent trip to Taiwan. During the trip, I rented my car from an unscrupulous car vendor, just because it was the cheapest.

Car Hire Tips No 1 – Cheapest is NOT Always the Best

Long story short, this car vendor secretly scratched my vehicle on the day of return. What was worse, the boss made me to be responsible to the crime. Having no evidence that it was them who did it and neither did I have the time to make police report, I was penalized close to $1000 for “my mistake”. Since then, I have come to realize the importance of hiring a car from a reputable company, preferably ones that have strong international foothold.

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Making a wrong car rental choice can really ruin your trip. I really hope you won’t have to go through what I suffered. Below are a few tips that will help you to secure a cheap car rental deal from trustworthy companies.

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Car Hire Tips No 2 – Hire Car from Reputable Companies

Hire cars from companies such as Hertz or Avis which have strong international foothold. It’s because these companies will definitely have protocols to prevent individual branch from doing anything funny to customers. These reputable company takes so long to build up their brands, they will not want to ruin it for just making a few thousands “vehicle damaged compensation fees”.

Car Hire Tips No 3 – Check for the Company’s Review

If you will check reviews of hotels or restaurants, you should not skip this step when you are hiring a car. As international companies like Hertz or Avis have good reviews, you can be rest assured to book from them. However, should you want to try smaller companies that you have never heard of, do make an effort to google its review.

After I got cheated by the Taiwan car vendor, I went to google its review and found out that the boss had used the same tactics on many other customers. If I had done this important step before I booked from them, I wouldn’t have so many regrets today.

Car Hire Tips No 4 – Use Search Engines to Compare Deals

Just like air flight and hotel, it’s impossible to know all the promotions different companies have. That’s why we need to make use of search engines to find great deals. My favorite search engine is Rentalcars as it is one of the world’s biggest online car rental search engine. It offers wide selection of cars from major international car rental companies including Avis, Alamo, Budget, Europcar and Hertz. Moreover, it also gives very competitive prices as compared to other similar search engines. So if you want to hire cars from reputable companies, look no further.

Another search engine that I like to use is Economy Car Rental. This site also offers car rental services worldwide, and I find the price to be the cheapest. However, the company is still in the midst of expanding, so the destinations it covers are not as comprehensive as Rentalcars. But if Economy Car Rental offers cheap car rental services to place you are going, don’t hesitate to book from them. They offer the best deal, really! (FYI, sometimes they are cheaper by at least $100-200, depending on the period and duration of your booking.)

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Hope these tips will help you save more money and get the best cheap car rental deal.

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