Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations to Explore in 2017

Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations to Explore in 2017

For travel junkies like me, 2017 brings with it the promise of exploring new lands, meeting new people, appreciating diverse culture, and indulging in varied delicacies. While traveling is my passion and embark on it after saving a part of my paycheck every year, I make it a point to travel in a smart and budget-friendly manner. Although there are many places around the world that I would love to go to in 2017, the following places are my top picks because of their budget-friendliness and overall experience they promise to offer. Here’re the Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations to Explore in 2017.

Budget Travel Destinations in 2017 – Goa, India

Goa, at the south-western tip of India is known all over as a beach-vacation destination. During the colonial times, Goa, unlike the rest of India, was under the rule of the Portuguese. The difference in architecture and cuisine is quite palpable if you have visited other parts of India before. Well, the best thing about Goa, apart from its wonderful beaches, is that it is extremely budget-friendly. The place is well-renowned and budget travel and visa agents from around the world have attractive, cost-effective packages for this beautiful city.

The total spending on accommodation, food, drink, and commute will give you the best value for money. Calangute and Baga – sister beaches most frequented by domestic and international tourists have a wide range of economical and high-end hotels that are just a short walk from the beaches. The cost of overnight stay in a 3 star hotel can be as economical as  $30 USD if you visit during the off season (June to September).


Budget Travel Destinations in 2017 – Cape Town, South Africa

Goa may beat many global tourist attractions hands-down when it comes to affordability; however, the fact of the matter is it doesn’t have the best infrastructure. If you are willing to shell a bit more and experience first-class facilities without spending a bomb, Cape Town in South Africa can be an ideal destination for you.

Only few countries in Africa are as developed as South Africa, and it shares a lot culturally with the British. Cape Town has a number of tourist attractions which you can explore without spending too much on travel, food, and accommodation. Local hotels are a good place to stay, but we highly recommend you choose according to the rating and not only on price. Cab rentals are fairly priced and you also have the option of booking a car for the duration of your stay. Food is also reasonably priced; we recommend visiting the Neighbourgoods Market, Biesmiellah, and Marco’s African Place for budget-friendly, yet delicious food.


Budget Travel Destinations in 2017 – Puerto Varas, Chile

The best thing about Chile is its laid-back vibe. In spite of being a densely populated country, Chile has a spirit of idleness which is in quite contrast to the hustle and bustle of its many cities. While there are many affordable places to visit in Chile, Puerto Varas is on my must-visit list.

Located at a distance of nearly twelve miles from the city of Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas is easily accessible by road. You have the option of renting a bike or car, as rentals are extremely affordable. Puerto Varas is quickly earning a reputation for being a quaint, laidback, and tranquil place to spend quality time affordably. In addition to simply lazing around in this idyllic town, you can try fly-fishing and canyoning – popular tourist activities in this part of Chile.

For food and drinks, we recommend visiting Costumbrista, Restaurant Casavaldes, Fogon Las Buenas Brasas, and La Olla.


Budget Travel Destinations in 2017 – Belize

Another budget-friendly place to visit in 2017 is the small Caribbean nation of Belize. There is a good chance that you may not have heard of the place, but you only need to visit this tiny country to explore its beauty and splendor. The country is blessed with the longest barrier reef in Western Hemisphere.

Belize’s popularity among tourists is growing on account of a number of factors, most importantly its eco-tourism initiatives and budget-friendliness. Considered one of the most affordable places to visit in South America, visiting Belize should be up on your list in 2017.

Some of the most affordable places to eat in Belize are Wet Lizard, The Sahara Grill, Chon Saan Palace, and Anna’s Lunch Box.


Budget Travel Destinations in 2017 – Bali

Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations to Explore in 2017 Bali

Bali is one of those places which receive heavy footfalls all year round. With its exotic beaches, plethora of nightclubs, and amazing shopping districts, Bali offers affordable stay without compromising on any aspect of an awesome getaway.

The first thing to do in Bali is to find affordable accommodation and we recommend you to explore hotels at Poppies Lane 1 and 2. The place is in the vicinity of Kuta beach. Poppies Lanes can be your starting point to explore the city – affordable options include a Bemo or the ubiquitous Ojek. Eating out in Bali at low price is easy – all you have to do is to head to any local Warungs. They have the best food from all over Indonesia and have that authentic taste that many big ticket restaurants try hard to mimic.

Final thoughts from Chloe

While I’ve been to Bali before and consider it to be a budget friendly vacation spot, the rest of the 4 destinations have never crossed my mind. Thanks Priya for sharing with  us her Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations to Explore in 2017. It has definitely enlightened me and many other travel lovers.

If know of other budget-friendly destinations, do share some tips and tricks by commenting below. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about Priya, who is an avid travel writer who specializes in adventurous travel writing, check out her biography here. 🙂