Brook Woolf

Who Am I?

Hey! I am Brook Woolf, and I am a unique.  At 22, I founded and directed a three story nonprofit art center in Chicago. Simply put, I wanted to promote positive change and do good. Now, I consciously travel the world with my sweetheart learning and expanding every year.

Brook Woolf

This process allows me to empower and facilitate in a epically expansive ever-changing capacity. Currently I am a L.M.T., Thai Bodyworker, Ayurvedic nutritionist, yoga trained, artist(painting,textiles, and music), empowerment coach, and  will continue learning everything … probably not accounting 😉 I even built our own tiny house last year with my fiance!

I believe there is nothing I can’t do and I am here to share that is the same for you! Through empowerment programs, sponsorship programs, seminars, and lectures I travel the world learning, sharing and shifting with the company I engage in.


If you want to find out more about my work, check out my website Indigo Warrior, which is a “learning lifestyle” blog that promotes wellness, sustainability, and cultural growth. We love sharing the knowledge and welcome others in collaboration. Students for life unite!

You can also connect me on Instagram @indigowarriorlife and Facebook. Let’s chat!