1. Janna C.

    Wow this place looks interesting. It doesn’t look like its in Thailand at all! It reminds me somehow of Grand Canyon. We only went to Bangkok and Chiang Mai during our short visit to Thailand, so maybe ill check this out when I visit next time.

  2. I’m dying to go to Thailand, it’s been at the top of my list for some time now. I’ve never heard of Pai but it looks super charming and that hotel is amazing, I’d love to just stay in bed and watch the gorgeous scenery.

  3. What a great memory of Pai you have, being the place of your engagement! Very exciting. I think Pai sounds amazing – not an area I had heard of before. Good idea to be prepared with proper hiking gear for the canyon walk though! You are brave to do it in what you were wearing!

  4. We haven’t been to Thailand yet, but I am dying to go. The hot springs don’t surprise me – places like that are often tourist traps. We try to avoid them. Pity that you had to find out how disappointing they were after paying for them.

  5. Sarah Ebner

    Incredible place to go – would love to climb the canyon particularly, but can’t believe you went in slippers and a dress! I’m not surprised it gets very busy – some of the best places always are. Sorry you missed the sunrise.

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