Best Kids & Animal Friendly Perth Farmstay

perth farmstay lamb

When it comes to farmstay in Australia, many people in Singapore immediately think of Perth farmstay. I had never tried farm stay before but scenes from movies always never fail to fuel my imagination. Dozens of sheep lazing around at the green field, horses galloping on the hills, fresh milk being squeezed out from cows. Well, you can actually find everything you’ve dream of, right in Lavendale Perth Farmstay located in York, about 1.5-hour drive from Perth city. I also have a webpage dedicated to the Best Australia Travel Guide, head there if you are exploring different parts of Australia during your holiday!

perth farmstay view farm

Why Lavendale Perth Farmstay?

As you know, there are dozens of Perth farmstays. Why Lavendale? I’ve been to two farmstays during my trip, and Lavendale by far exceeded my expectation. My family and I got to interact with the animals real close. And the owners of the farm stay Katherine and her husband Merv are so knowledgeable and friendly. They truly love all the cuties in the farm (each animal has a name!) and they shared with us a lot of information about the animals that you can hardly find outside.

perth farmstay goat zenon

What You Can Experience in Lavendale Perth Farmstay?

  • Morning Feeding with Farmer Katherine

I have a tip for you! The owners organize a special tractor tour around the farm to feed the animals every evening, but you don’t want to miss out them caring for the animals in the morning. So wake up early to catch Katherine at work!

perth farmstay food

Inside the 58 Ha farm, you can find a variety of animals, horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, cattle, a couple of performing pigs, pet sheep and milking goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys… They even have a very friendly ostrich!

perth farmstay ostrich

In the early morning, Katherine will feed everyone of them, and also milk the cute little goat for some fresh milk.

perth farmstay milking

I had a first-hand experience milking the goat too. The nipple was so soft… don’t get me wrong, but you should totally try it! During our stay, one of the goats just gave birth to 2 cuties. The two lambs were super active. They kept jumping on each other and tried to get more milk from the mum. Katherine even brought them out to let us carry. Their fur was so soft and they smelled really nice too, just like babies!

perth farmstay lamb

  • Explore Wildlife Park

After the day feeding, it’s time for you to head out. There are many things you can do just nearby the farmstay. We decided to drive to Caversham Wildlife Park (about an hour drive) and spent the day there.

perth farmstay kangaroov

perth farmstay sleep kan

Inside the park, you can find free to roam kangaroos and pat them while they are asleep. If you can’t get enough of the sweetie goats, there’s also an area where you can pat them like your baby.

perth farmstay goat fun

Don’t forget to catch the live animal show. You’ll be able to see how intelligent dogs are to muster the sheep herd. Live sheep shearing will also be performed. Don’t worry. The sheep won’t catch a cold after being shaved. Their body will generate a natural oil coat to protect them from the winter.

perth farmstay shearing

You will also get to milk the cows as well. Just for a while…

perth farmstay titus

  • Farmstay Tractor Feeding Tour

Make sure to watch your time and be back to Lavandale Perth Farmstay before the sun sets. Time to hop on Merv’s tractor and feed all the animals by yourself!

perth farmstay tractor

When the animals hear the bell ringing from the tractor, they got so excited and noisy (especially the donkeys). I guess they must be screaming: “Food is here, food is here!”

perth farmstay pig

perth farmstay zenon

When it comes to dining manner, the most delicate one is none other than alpacas. This half lamar half sheep looking creature acts a guardian to the sheep. If outsider like wolf intrude into the space and try to attack the sheep, alpacas will go into defense mode and chase the outsiders away. I didn’t know that until Merv told me about this interesting fact!

perth farmstay alpacas

Did I mention that you can even collect freshly laid eggs from the chicken and ducks? Together with the baked toast provided by Katherine, you can start your day with absolutely yummy breakfast!

Watch my V-log in Chinese if you understand the language 🙂 Even if you don’t understand, the animails are still too cute to be missed!

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Relax at the Beautiful Lodge

Apart from having fun mingling with the animals, you’ll also have a great time exploring different parts of the farm, including your own cottage/lodge. As I was traveling with my big family (11 adults and 3 kids), we booked the largest lodge with 5 bed rooms and 2 living rooms. All rooms are so beautifully and artistically decorated. You can’t help but feeling that you walked into a storybook.

perth farmstay bedroom

perth farmstay red room

The whole farm is designed by Katherine and Merv themselves. They really have the talent don’t they? Just look at their living room, how gorgeous!

perth farmstay katherine house

The kitchens are also fully equipped. Want to save money on meals? Head to the nearby supermarket and cook your own dinner and breakfast. You can literally save more than 100 bucks per day when you prepare your meals.

perth farmstay bathroom

Meet the Most Kindhearted Hosts

All in all, I had such a great time at Lavendale Perth Farmstay. We learnt so much about animals and most importantly, the way of life from the owners. Building a farm has always been Katherine and Merv’s dream. And they work hard and save hard and slowly turn their dream into a reality.

perth farmstay katherine

To Katherine and Merv, running the farm is not for commercial purposes. They don’t actually make money out of the animals. Their source of income comes from farmstay instead. Katherine and Merv treat the animals as their own family members (I’m just amazed each of them has their own names!) and strive to take care of them for the rest of their lives. No animal riding is allowed in the farmstay. I truly appreciate their kindness towards the animals and the nature.

perth farmstay pony

If you have the chance, go to Lavandale Perth Farmstay, and meet Katherine and Merv in person. I’m sure you’ll be touched by their hearts too. If you are there, please help me say “Hi” to them!

perth farmstay mother in law

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