Best Free Things to do in Sydney

Free Things to do in Sydney Bondi Beach surf view

I have always wanted to go Australia and my dream finally came true last February! Our main destination for this trip was Tasmania, which is the end of the world where unspoiled nature and wildlife awaits! But before we explored Tasmania, we went for a 2 days short trip in Sydney. So what are the Best Free Things to do in Sydney? I shall share with you all the free awesome experience as you read on.:)

Best Free Things to do in Sydney

Best Free Things to do in Sydney – Sydney Opera House & Its Art

Your first destination is definitely the Sydney Opera House. Admiring the renowned Sydney Opera House from outside is one of the best free things to do in Sydney. There are usually a lot of tourists and people chilling out at the harbor. So join the crowd and sit down at the harbor to enjoy the view.

Best Free Things to do in Sydney opera house

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Best Free Things to do in Sydney – Enjoy the Art

Apart from admiring the opera house, you can stroll along the harbor. Over there, you’ll see a lot of artists. One of them really caught my eyes as he was painting really gorgeous and grand paintings. However, his painting was not for sale and he actually donated them to charity. How kind!

Best Free Things to do in Sydney art

You must be wondering how he could make a living. According to him, he lived by people’s donations, and with the donations he could continue to buy the paints and equipment to pursue his passion for art. I found his spirit really admirable. It seemed to me that he is living the simplest yet most fulfilling life.

Best Free Things to do in Sydney painting

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Best Free Things to do in Sydney – Visit Bondi Beach

During sunset, you can head to Bondi Beach, which is just a 30-min drive away. Again the beach offers a very different experience. The sand is really soft and white.

Best Free Things to do in Sydney bondi beach

You’ll also find many people surfing and swimming during summer. With the clear blue sky, the breezy weather and the gentle sound of the waves, you’ll feel that time has stopped tickling.

Best Free Things to do in Sydney surfing

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Best Free Things to do in Sydney – Where to Stay?

If you are looking for good and cheap accommodation, check out Airbnb. It’s a much more affordable alternative to hotels. What’s more, you get to interact with the host and find out more about their culture. However, accommodation in Australia can cost quite a lot. Even the cheapest Airbnb cost at least $100 AUD for 4 people. But overall I had a very good experience with Airbnb as most of the hosts were very nice, and the accommodations were clean and comfortable.

Should you want to consider Airbnb during your trip, it’s always wise to check out their reviews. If the reviews are generally positive, then the accommodation is a go. If you sign up using the link here, you and I will also get $35 off during our trips. Win-win for both of us!

Alternatively, here’s How to Find Cheap Accommodation that suit your needs.

Best Free Things to do in Sydney – Itinerary at a glance:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Bondi Beach
    If you have more time, you should try walking along the coast, which provides easy pathway for everyone. The walk can take from 30 mins to hours depending on how far you’d like to walk. You can find out more about the walk here.

I will update about our Sydney Day 2 soon which I will share more about the Skydiving adrenaline rush! Stay tune for more!