Best Day Trips from Tokyo (4D3N Guide)

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If you are looking for best day trips from Tokyo, this post will be very helpful for you! Recently I went to to Tokyo for a 4 days 3 nights holiday and I visited a few family friendly attractions using the TOKYO WIDE PASS. If you want to save money and experience some unusual day trips from Tokyo, make sure you check them out during this upcoming trip to Tokyo.

Best Day Trips from Tokyo – JR Wide Pass

At only 10,000 jpy, you get to travel all around Tokyo and its neighbouring prefectures (including Nikko and Mt Fuji area) using Shinkansen and JR trains for 3 consecutive days! Unlimited! This is the best money saving deals you can ever get!

You can only buy the TOKYO WIDE PASS when you reach Japan airport. So make sure to get this pass before you leave the airport at the JR counter. Below are my recommended family friendly destinations you must visit using the pass.

day trips from tokyo wide pass

Best Day Trips from Tokyo Top 1 – Edo Wonderland Nikko

Situated at Nikko, Edo Wonderland is my favourite day trip from Tokyo and it’s definitely kids friendly. Imagine traveling back in time to the Edo era and experience the life of Ninja, Edo Wonderland is a FUNtastic getaway.

day trips from tokyo ninja mura

There are numerous activities and shows for you to catch throughout the day. To get the best of the theme park, I advise you to spend your whole day there. In the morning, you can catch all the different performances. I highly recommend the Geisha show and the Ninja action show. The Ninja show is packed with actions, so even if you don’t understand Japanese, you won’t have any difficulty understanding. But the Geisha show is all in Japanese, and it’s super amusing to watch if you understand the beautiful language.

day trips from tokyo ninja show

In the afternoon, you can experience what is it like to be a Ninja. Adults have free experiential activities to learn about Ninja sword skill, arrow shooting skills and more, while kids also get to attend Ninja classes and even put on Ninja costume!

day trips from tokyo ninja shoot

day trips from tokyo ninja sword

The food inside the theme park is very delicious too. I especially enjoyed the grilled pork rice and the traditional Japanese grilled rice ball. Yummy!

Ticket price: 3900 Yen

It’s cheaper to buy via Klook (3900 yen) as compared to the official website (4700 yen). So get your tickets via Klook now.

How to get there:

Alight at Nikko station using JR Tokyo Wide Pass and take the free 30 mins shuttle bus right outside of the station to theme park.

Best Day Trips from Tokyo Top 2 – Mother Farm Chiba

If you are a fan of cute animals, Mother Farm at Chiba will be the right choice! There are many adorable animals inside the farm and you can get to experience touching them, feeding them or simply chasing after them to take photos!

day trips from tokyo lama

I was super lucky to be kissed by the sheep too…
day trips from tokyo sheep

You can also experience squeezing the cow’s nipple. It’s really soft…

day trips from tokyo cow

If you are not a fan of cows, how about patting the cute rabbits?

day trips from tokyo rabbit

There’s even a piglet run competition. If you are traveling with your kids, this may be a great opportunity to let your kid to experience leading a piglet!

day trips from tokyo piglet

There are some entertaining shows to catch inside the farm. It’s extremely entertaining to see how the sheep got shaved (no harm is done to the sheep, and it’s a ritual for them to be shaved once a year.)

day trips from tokyo show

The farm itself also has beautiful flower fields for you to stroll along and take instagrammable pictures.

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There’s also a tractor tour at an additional cost, however I won’t recommend that as it wasn’t as fun and as experiential as I expected it to be. So save yourself the time and money, and stroll along different parts of the farm to catch some really interesting animal live shows.

day trips from tokyo goat

Ticket price: 1490 Yen

It’s cheaper to buy via Klook as compared to the official website. So get your tickets via Klook now.

How to get there:

Alight at Kimitsu station using JR Tokyo Wide Pass and take a 15 mins public bus.

Best Day Trips from Tokyo Top 3 –  Sea Paradise Yokohama

If you also love sea animals, the Sea Paradise at Yokohama is another great destination to spend the day. The park is an integration of aquarium and amusement park. Considered the ticket price, it’s really a very affordable getaway!

day trips from tokyo white wahle

There are in total 3 aquariums and each one of them allow you to experience different things. I particularly enjoyed the Aqua Museum as it contains the most sea creatures and it also has the MOST AMAZING sea animal performance I’ve ever seen in my life. FYI, I’ve been to aquarium in Hongkong, Singapore and Okinawa, none of them can beat this performance in Seaside Paradise!

day trips from tokyo perfomance

I also love the other aquarium which allows us to touch and feed the dolphins and white whale. There are specific slots which the park organise touching experience for free, so do remember to check out the time table to experience it yourself!

day trips from tokyo whale touching

Feeding cost an additional 300 yen, which in my opinion is super worth it!

The park also has other exciting attractions such as the roller coaster, the free fall machine and the 360 degree viewing tower. It’s all covered in the 1 day pass. 🙂

day trips from tokyo theme park

Ticket price: 4180 Yen

It’s cheaper to buy via Klook (4180 yen) as compared to the official website (5050 yen). So get your tickets via Klook now.

How to get there:

Alight at Hakkeijima station and it’s only 10 mins walk from the station.

Best Day Trips from Tokyo Top 4 –  Hitachi Seaside Park Ibaraki

If you want to take some beautiful photos with your family, do check out this beautiful park called Hitachi Seaside Park located at Ibaraki.

day trips from tokyo blue beauty

Throughout the year, the park features different kinds of flowers. During May, the magical blue flower covers the whole hills, making it one of the most instagrammable destinations you must visit.

day trips from tokyo blue red

Ticket price: 450 Yen

How to get there:

Alight at Katsuta station and take a 15 mins public bus to the park.

day trips from tokyo flower field

Best Day Trips from Tokyo – Where to Stay?

Tokyo as a central area, acts as a great base for you and your family to stay during your trip. For myself, I chose Best Western Hotel Akiba as it’s conveniently located next to a few train stations, including Akihabara JR station for you to use the Tokyo Wide Pass.

day trips from tokyo hotel

When you arrive the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by a cute panda! I’m sure your kids will love to take a picture with him too. :p

day trips from tokyo panda

I stayed in a double bed room for 4 nights and the room is comfortable and clean.

day trips from tokyo room

I even had a great time soaking myself in the bathtub at night after a day of long trip!

day trips from tokyo toilet

Did I mention the Buffett breakfast was awesome too? I particularly like the fact that the hotel prepares different dish for breakfast every day. You can get to try out a variety of Japanese and western breakfast during your stay.

day trips from tokyo hotel breakfast

day trips from tokyo hotel food

Hope you find this article useful and have a great time traveling with your family! If you are looking for more travel tips regarding Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, can check out my good friend’s blog MisAdventureswithAndi, she wrote many posts about those places in details too! 

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