Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks Under 3 Hrs

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks sunset lake view

Cradle Mountain Tasmania is gem of Tasmania. The scenery is extremely breathtaking and it’s a heaven for outdoor explorers. It is a long drive from Bicheno (approximately 5 hours) but the journey is definitely worth it! As I’m an avid hiker, there’s no better way to explore the national park than hiking. In this post, you’ll get the best cradle mountain self guided walks that are under 3 hours.

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks – Lake St Clair National Park

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is located in the Central Highlands area of Tasmania, 165 km northwest of Hobart. The park contains many walking trails, and is where hikes along the well-known Overland Track usually begin.

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks entrance

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We got there at around 5pm (I couldn’t believe how late we were) and started hiking the mountain at around 530pm. One thing great about Australia in summer is that the sky turns dark really late! The sun will only start setting at 830pm, which means that you have a really long day to plan your activities!

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks hiking

Nevertheless, we still faced time constraint as we didn’t want to risk hiking after sunset. So we went for a shorter trail – Dove Lake Circuit. The lake is beautiful and very serene. And the slope is very gentle. It’s so gentle that it feels like walking rather than hiking. If you are an adventure seeker, you probably won’t be satisfied by the challenge. And so were we! We soon changed our minds and started hiking the nearest mountain from the trail – Hansons Peak. And our decision proved to be right.

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks – Hansons Peak

As we gradually climbed up, the view became increasingly beautiful. The sun was very hot too, although it was already 6pm! As we were unsure where the summit was and how long would it take us to get there, we started finding shortcut.

Our friend Jeremy suggested climbing the stony slopes, as he believed that it would greatly saved the time to the summit. No one could stop the stubborn head, and there he went! The slop was very slippery and steep; I literally had to lean against it to prevent myself from falling down. I became pretty scared as we climbed higher and decided to give up on this crazy idea. First of all, we didn’t even know if it would lead us to the summit. We would be in deep shit if the truth turned up to be the otherwise! So my advice, stick to the main track!

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks stone

After the dangerous detour, we were back to the normal way to the summit! It didn’t take us long before we saw the beautiful Hansons Lake! It was windy and the air was refreshing.

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks lake

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hike at Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks

But the sun ray was very strong too! I could barely see what was in front of me when I was climbing! Nah just kidding! I was pretending to be climbing uphill. In reality, I was lying on a flat ground. We had so much fun taking the “YOLO” (you-only-live-once) picture.😄

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks sunset

Best Cradle Mountain Self Guided Walks close up

The hike won’t take you long. Nevertheless, allow yourself 3 hours for a return trip. I can guarantee you that it’s the best yet shortest Cradle Mountain Tasmania hiking trail. Enjoy the climb!

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