1. megan_claire

    Such a great guide – Belize is such a beautiful destination, but surprisingly off the radar of many tourists who head to destinations like Costa Rica instead – I’m trying to organize my diving cert before I travel so I can experience the Blue Hole 🙂

  2. The Lavish Nomad

    Swimming with whale sharks and spear fishing sound awesome! I’m big on snorkelling too so its sounds the perfect destination for me.

  3. Rashmi & Chalukya

    We have read few posts on Belize and it does sound like a heaven for travelers and guess not very touristy yet. Diving in the reef sounds fascinating and the Helicopter Ride breathtaking both are definitely on the bucket list.

  4. I dove the blue hole. I love Belize I have been three times each for about 2 weeks. When I lived in California, my best friend had grown up there. Her father was still there and owned a fishing lodge. He sent us on one of his boats out the blue hole. We only had to pay for insurance. We got to do it all when we visited. With the exception of Belize City, I love it all.

  5. Gokul Raj

    The Blue Hole !!! I had read that somewhere. I see you did not dive there…looks very scary.I would prefer a heli ride over it.

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