Taipei itinerary 7 days adeline

About Adeline

25 years old and newly-wed to a man who is a total opposite of me (extrovert, outdoorsy, outspoken), but one thing we both have in common is the itch to TRAVEL!! Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my heart has always been overseas. I’ve been to 9 countries in the past 2 years, conquering the world one place at a time.

Taipei itinerary 7 days adeline

Travel is and always will be my dream & passion. I love everything about it: from planning out the itinerary(down to the little details) to picking out the hotels to stay. I know it’s a cliche, but you’ll never realize how beautiful the world is until you start globetrotting. There’s nothing more exciting than to go to a foreign country, exploring different cultures (like trying weird food) & experiencing how the locals live. Check out my latest guide Taipei itinerary 7 days now!

Travel Philosophy

My philosophy in travel is to “live like a local”. Don’t spend too much time going to all the touristy places and get stuck with the crowd just to take an Instagram-worthy photo. There’s a reason why they call it “Tourist Spots”. And never rush trying to see everything in a short period of time (some describe it as touch and go).  Spend a few days in one place, getting to know the locals, sitting at a local coffee shop watching people living their lives. To me, that’s the most magical part of travel.

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