Who Am I?


Hi I am Solveig. Solveig is a Norwegian surname, which translates into “Sunny way”. So, I guess this was my destiny: I love to travel the world, chasing the sun, enjoying 500 days of summer, immersing into differ­ent cultures and making the best out of life. In today’s society we often complain that we don’t have enough time to do this or that. Well, I think we do: It is just a matter of priority. So I came up with the idea of start­ing a 48 hour travel series with tips for a perfect weekend getaway. I am always surprised at how much you can discover within a weekend, if you get up early, lol. All tips are tried and tested by me. I have traveled to more than 30 countries so far and have visited many places I have never been to.

I used to live in Switzerland, France, Austria, Nether­lands and England and currently have my residence in Frankfurt, Germany. I launched my first eBook “Life Food Self” in May 2016 that covers my personal story of fighting a chronic disease, and because I don’t want to talk about disease all the time, but rather, make the best out of my life and focus on the “sunny things in my life” the idea of starting a travel blog was born.

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On my blog I write about (mental) health topics and give travel recommendations to motivate and inspire others to a healthy lifestyle full of travel adventures. Stay tuned for my new travel guides!

In the meantime, enjoy reading and traveling! Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to be inspired!