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Are you a travel lover who wishes to explore every part of the world? Do you dream to immerse yourself in the culture and slowly discover the country’s beauty? It’s every traveler’s dream to embark on a journey without time or monetary constraint. But very often, the reality shows otherwise. We find ourselves constantly worry for money and dread to think that our holiday has finally come to an end.  If you’re facing the same problem, you should totally consider building up your second stream of income.

I’m Chloe and it’s really nice e-meeting you. 🙂

My Philosophy – Invest Wiser & Better, Travel Smarter & Longer


Over the past 5 years, I’ve been travelling around the world with my boyfriend Calvin. We’ve been to Japan, Korea, India, China, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Europe and many other countries. As you can see, we travel within Asia most of the time as it’s cheaper and nearer to our home Singapore.

But no matter how cheap it is or how we try to travel within a smart budget, travelling is still a big cost to both of us. Whenever we go for a vacation for 2-3 weeks, we’ll see a sharp drop in our savings.  We’ve thus come to a conclusion that it’s no longer sustainable to travel with just savings. We need to make a second stream of income to fund our travel.

Somehow fate introduced to the concept of Value Investing. Not long afterwards, we decided to take up a course to learn more about it. The decision was life changing for us. With the right skills, we are now able to make consistent passive income every month. Most importantly, we can use this extra stream of income to travel. Check out my post on Value Investing Principles to find out how we use the simple principles to fund our trip. 🙂


Travel Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive To Be Good

Another point that I strongly believe in is that traveling doesn’t need to be expensive. Neither does it need to be extravagant to be good. I’m a university graduate who just started working 3 years ago. To be frank, I didn’t have a lot of money in the first place, especially before I started my investing journey. Nevertheless, I managed to visit many countries even when I was a student. This is because before every trip, I usually plan several months in advance to make sure I get the best deal, be it airfare, accommodation, food or activities. I always make sure every trip is full of fun and excitement. Most importantly, I want to make sure they are within a smart budget!

gone fishing with buffettThat’s why I started this website to inspire you, step-by-step, how to invest wisely and travel the world comfortably with a smart budget. From investment knowledge, wealth management ideas, latest market news, to travel tips & tricks, I will share with you my investment and travel experience so you can get on the road quicker, longer and better!

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Love To Share Your Journey & Inspire Others?

I write my Free Travel Guides & Travel Tips and Tricks to help travelers to explore the world with a smart budget. That being said, my personal effort is not enough. Although I travel frequently, I haven’t explored every part of the world. And even though I manage to do so one day, my travel experience doesn’t encompass everything. That’s why I and many travel lovers out there, need your help.

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If you are a story-teller who loves to travel; if you are passionate about sharing your awesome journeys and travel tips with the world; if you want to get featured and inspire more people to travel longer, better and smarter, this website is perfect for you!

Your travel experience is unique and your stories are beautiful. And whatever you learn and experience from your trips, they can become invaluable tips for other travel lovers. If you are keen to share a story and build a better travel community, check out here to find out more about the initiative and all the amazing journeys the other travelers are sharing.

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