A Guide To Himalayas India


Hi, my name is Izaskun and I’m a 26 years old Spanish girl living between Spain and England. Sociology and learning about different cultures has always been my passion and since I was a child, deep down in my heart I always had the feeling that I would not stay in my hometown all my life. The place that I’m going to write about is the region of Himachal Pradesh, north of India right on the border with the Himalayas. We traveled for two months the south and west coast of India, and after all that time with nearly 40 degrees every day, we decided to escape from the heat and chill out on the Himalayas. Here’s a guide to Himalayas India.

I could write pages and pages with all the marvelous places you can find there, but I will mention two stops that I found very special: Shimla and Manali.

How to get there?

We headed off to Shimla from New Delhi and we decided to travel by train. Although it takes quiet a long time, around 10 hours, it’s definitely worth it. The train goes up through the mountains and the journey is considered UNESCO world heritage.

What to do in Shimla?

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The colonial architecture, churches and natural beauty of the city attracts a large number of tourist from India and all over the world. The first thought that I had when I arrived there was like being in England and India at the same time.

Even though it is considered as summer capital, accommodation and food is still fairly cheap. You can find a room for 8 dollars/night and have a big meal for 4 dollars. Apart from walking around town and go shopping, you can’t miss a visit to Jakhu temple. It’s a 30 min hike from the town center and it’s dedicated to the Monkey god Hanuman.

What to do in Manali?

After some wonderful days in Shimla, next stop in our minds is Manali, as we heard that is very popular between backpackers. It is further north than Shimla, which means it’s a lot colder. My advice is to bring enough warm clothes. We were so surprised to see snow when we arrived. Snow in May!


I am not lying when I say it was and is still my favorite place on earth. The landscape is stunning, high mountains covered in snow, green forest, beautiful wooden houses…

  • Visit Old Manali

2km away from Manali centre is Old Manali, a very relaxed area in the middle of the woods. I truly recommend going there, locals are lovely and they give you lots of good vibes. My advice is to go for an early morning walk and you will be able to see the yaks coming down from the mountain and having a bath.

  • Explore Solang Valley & Vashist

There’s plenty of activities to do around the area, you can go rafting, paragliding, have a bath in the hot springs… Our choice was to hire a motorbike for 5 days and explore the Himalayas by ourselves. If you prefer to go for a short ride or a day-trip on the motorbike, you can’t miss Solang Valley and Vashist.

Vashist is just on the other side of the river from Manali and it’s cheaper to eat and sleep there. There’s a restaurant called Babooska that serves amazing food at a very good price, plus the people who run the business are really nice.

This is my short review about what I experienced in the Himalayas. I hope that my story inspired you, and I would like to share the quote that inspired me to start travelling: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Final thoughts from Chloe

Himalayas is such an exotic place, a dream that lives far far away. But Izaskun made it happen. She embarked on a journey that few will take on. As the result, she has discovered something few can imagine of. Check out her biography and be inspired her. 🙂

Have you been to Himalayas before? Share with us your journey by commenting below. Let’s read the book of earth together!