4 Amazing Reasons To Visit British Columbia Canada

British Columbia is not only beautiful but it is also steeped in history. Gaining its name in 1858 as given by Queen Victoria after much controversy. What was once a political battleground has become a place of peace and beauty.

Today British Columbia is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations and once you visit it is not very hard to see why. Below are a few fantastic places to visit should you find yourself in the glorious hold of British Columbia. 

Photo Credit – Pexels 

British Columbia Canada Attraction 1 – Broughton Archipelago

This is one place you should absolutely want to find yourself. Why, well if for nothing more than the breathtaking wildlife. Whether you find yourself here or at the neighboring Blackney Pass. You will not be disappointed for a second, you could find yourself surrounded by sea lions, seals and eagles at one moment and before you know it, you are in breathtaking awe as you are surrounded by humpback and orcas. As far as places to visit go, this should be right at the top of your list.The Empress Hotel

Located in Victoria, the Empress is not for the faint of heart. This is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in British Columbia. The building is said to be haunted by its architect Francis Rattenbury. Rattenbury was murdered by his own chauffeur in 1935, just 30 years after the hotel was built. 

This building is said to be rife with paranormal activity and for a heartstopping thrill-seeking evening it is definitely worth a visit.

British Columbia Canada Attraction 2 – Kalamalka Lake

This is a beautiful place to spend a few days. Whether it be to take in some fishing, especially as Kalamalka lake is home to some beautiful sockeye salmon and trout to challenge even the seasoned fisherman. 

You could, of course, want to just take a few days, book into a Kalamalka lake hotel, it’s pet-friendly, you will be in reach of some fabulous restaurants and you are only a breath away from some of the most beautiful views you could ever wish to see.

British Columbia Canada Attraction 3 – Whistler

Aptly named for the calls of its inhabiting marmots is a place for you if you have an adrenaline-fueled or adventurous side.

In Whistler you can take on anything from a sea to sky gondola, this alone will imprint outstanding beauty onto your mind. You could even take on some white water rafting or, if you aren’t feeling that adventurous there are plenty of adventure walks you could find yourself enjoying for hours. 

British Columbia Canada Attraction 4 – Vancouver

Of course, no trip to BC would be the same without taking in the beauty of Vancouver. Here you can take in stunning floral parks, amazing theatres, and incredible museums. 

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum should be absolutely at the top of your list. This not only offers wonder, but it also offers a beautifully informative tour and is perfect for any family or individual. 

All in all, British Columbia should be on your travel list and if you have already been, hopefully, these places have already left you with astonishing memories.