Why You Shouldn’t Take Holidays in Asia?

You’ve traveled across US and you’ve been to Europe, and you are wondering where to hit next. You are thinking about taking holidays in Asia, since many people have told you Asia is very big and beautiful. But I want you to think twice. Because there are so many things in Asia will caught you unprepared. Here’s top 4 reasons why you should take holidays in Asia.

Holidays in asia cover

1 – Holidays in Asia is Mundane

Scenery in Asia is literally mundane. You can never find four seasons and witness different kinds of natural beauties. Autumn Leaves in Japan are not colourful.

Holidays in Asia

Seoul Photography Spots are pale and plain.

Holidays in Asia seoul

Hualien Qixingtan Beach in Taiwan is pure dullness.

Hualien Qixingtan Beach run view

Gamcheon Cultural Village and Taejongdae in Busan are just another usual sight.

Holidays in Asia busan

2 – Holidays in Asia is Boring

There are no better things to do when you are taking holidays in Asia. Outdoor activities are so limited. You can’t go hiking in the wild in Sapa Vietnam.

Holidays in Asia sapa

Mt Hehuan is also another disappointment with its unchanging view.

Best Of Mt Hehuan hiking view

The snowfall is pathetic when skiing in Hakuba Japan.

Holidays in Asia hakuba

Phuket is another place that is not worth visiting, as there are nothing except for beaches and viewpoints.

Is Phuket worth visiting windmill hillpoint

Still looking for the best elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand? Don’t bother, playing with these animals is a plainly waste of time.

BestElephan Holidays in Asia

Taking a Halong Bay Cruise Overnight is simply a waste of money.

Holidays in Asia halong bay

And if you have guts to take Dalat Canyoning Tour, you’re risking your life…

Holidays in Asia dalat

3 – There is no history and culture in Asia

All the historical relics and temples are destroyed in Asia and there’s nothing much to see. There’s no must see temples in Chiang Mai.

holidays in asia bai-dinh-temple-tower

Hanbok Experience in Gyeongbokgung Korea is not instagrammable.

Ninh Binh attractions in Vietnam have no gorgeous pagoda.

holidays in asia bai-dinh-temple-tower

Inle Lake Boat Tour doesn’t take you to see long-neck ladies in Myanmar.

holidays in asia Everything-you-need-to-know-about-Inle-lake-boat-tour-long-neck-photo-768x576

4 – There is no good hotel in Asia

Asia’s hotels are so under developed. The 5 star hotel in Yangon deosn’t give you any sense of luxury.

holidays in asia What’s-the-best-5-star-hotel-in-Yangon-lounge-wine-tasting

There’s also no Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel that takes you back to the 18th century.

holidays in asia Vintage-Luxury-Yacht-Hotel-Myanmar-phone-1024x768

Swissotel Kamala Beach in Phuket is not a heaven getaway.

holidays in asia Swissotel-Kamala-Beach-pool

All in all, taking holidays in Asia is a huge mistake. I urge you to consider somewhere else as it’s a total waste of money and time to travel to Asia.

Sorry, if you take the joke too seriously. :p

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