Why Visit Budapest – Chill at the Most Romantic City

why visit budapest

why visit budapest

I did not expect to love Budapest as much as I do. Ever since I visited, I have been dying to return and spend more time in this amazing city. I visited Budapest in April, and the weather was absolutely perfect. The Spring Festival was also underway in the center of the city, filling squares with local food trucks and neat crafts. I would highly recommend visiting during the spring or early summer if you can, but I’m sure the city is lovely all year. Still wondering why visit Budapest? Read on and be ready to fall in love!

Why Visit Budapest view

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The city is split into two parts by the Danube, with Buda on one side and Pest on the other. Each side of the river has a different personality. Buda is hilly and relatively quiet, perfect for afternoon strolls along the beautiful Fisherman’s Bastion, which has great views of the Parliament building and the rest of Pest. My friends and I walked around Fisherman’s Bastion and then took the funicular down Castle Hill before walking across the famous Chain Bridge back to Pest where we were staying.

Why Visit Budapest castle

While Buda is peaceful and historic, Pest is lively and bohemian. If you love shopping, take a stroll along Vaci street, which is one of the most popular shopping districts. The iconic Parliament building is also located along the Danube on the Pest side, and I would highly recommend visiting this stunning building. While walking around Pest, take a moment to stop in St. Stephen’s Basilica to enjoy the magnificent church. Stop by the Great Market Hall for lunch and grab some great, traditional Hungarian food.

Why Visit Budapest market

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If you have time, you should check out one of the many unique thermal baths in Budapest. I visited the Szenchenyi Baths, housed in an elaborate yellow. You can reserve your ticket online with a personal changing cabin. Over there, you can have a super relaxing day, enjoying drinks in the sun, people-watching a mix of tourists and locals.

Why Visit Budapest budapest bath

If you have one more night in Budapest, you got to visit the incredible ruin bars. These bars are my absolute favorite part of this city. These bars are built into old, previously abandoned or run down buildings and serve as the main venues for Budapest’s nightlife. The most famous ruin bar is Szimpla Kert. My favorite ruin bar, Instant, doubled as a dance club, complete with secret bars and late night ska band. Fogas Haz es Kert is another amazing ruin bar to visit. These bars are grimy and odd but exciting and eclectic. They provide an experience unlike any other nightclub or bar you can find in the rest of Europe.

Why Visit Budapest budapest chain bridge

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