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Wedding ideas singapore

When it comes to ROM and wedding ideas Singapore, most people opt for the safe options like holding it in the church, hotel or restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion, you can do better than that! Because this is the day you want to remember for the rest of your life! Why not doing something fun and unforgettable?

Wedding ideas singapore

Wedding Ideas Singapore – Sail a Yacht

11th May 2018 is the day Calvin and I got married. We did something really unconventional and fun – we rented a yacht from SgYacht and sail out to the sea in the day, and we did glamping from Simply Glamp at night. And when our friends and families came to our wedding day, they literally FREAKED OUT! They were all saying: “How can your wedding be so crazy and fun at the same time!”

Wedding Ideas Singapore heart

Well, because we are the crazy couple. :p

Our day began with 12 of us meeting at Marina at Keppel Bay near Sentosa at 10am, where our gorgeous yacht was parked. I hopped on speedboat before, but it was the first time in my life sailing a yacht for half a day. The experience was simply amazing. As soon as you sail out to the sea, the sea breeze literally will cool down everything around you.

Wedding Ideas Singapore sail

Wedding Ideas Singapore alvie

If you are adventurous enough, try standing up at the front of the yacht and move together with the wave. As long as you have a strong foothold and hold tight to the railing, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry. 😊

wedding ideas singapore hold on

Inside the well-maintained yacht, you will find everything you need, including a nice toilet, shower cubicle, changing room, living room and a bed room! It’ll be perfect especially you have a gown to change for photo taking.

Wedding Ideas Singapore dress

And when it comes to wedding, nothing beats taking the beautiful wedding photos on the yacht, with the clear blue sky as the background.

Wedding Ideas Singapore dress smile

My pink gown glowed so perfectly under the sun. So remember to choose pink for your big day too!

Wedding Ideas Singapore drone smile

Wedding Ideas Singapore drone

Wedding Ideas Singapore – Have fun in an Island

About 20 minutes away from Sentosa lies a little island. At first we planned to do some games in the island. But in the end, we spent so much time photo taking, we decided to just play on the yacht.

Just like any groom and bride have their own challenges to get each other, our friends helped us to plan some games to test how well do we know each other. Apparently, I passed the test better than Calvin!

Wedding Ideas Singapore game

Wedding Ideas Singapore gaming

Don’t forget to jump into the sea! It’s the best fun ever!

Wedding Ideas Singapore throw

After jumping into the waters and doing all kinds of stupid fun, we head back to the land and moved on to our next destination – glamping at East Coast Park!

Wedding Ideas Singapore sisters

Wedding Ideas Singapore – Glamping under the Stars

After my make up artist Yuen Ling helped me with the wonderful make up, I was ready for the party!

When we got there, the galmp was nicely set up with beautiful decorations all around. Believe it or not, it even has fairy lights which will make your glamp glow so magically at night.

wedding ideas singapore glow

One little girl was charmed by my wedding gown and mistook me as a princess. She even gave me a bouquet as gift! How sweet~~

Wedding Ideas Singapore princess

Our solemnization started at 730pm and it was chaired by Mr Tan Wei Yeow. Mr Tan went an extra mile to make sure the whole ceremony run smoothly. In fact, it was delayed for an hour, but he waited so patiently for Calvin’s dad to arrive, as his dad has walking difficulty.

For our wedding rings, we chose a very simple design from Orro. The rings are really solid in terms of gold content, so when we put them on, we feel our promises really have weight.

Wedding Ideas Singapore orro

Wedding Ideas Singapore rings

We then exchanged our vows towards each other and had our first kiss as a married couple, witnessed by our family and friends!

Wedding Ideas Singapore kiss

That is just beginning. Later that night, all of us had so much fun bbq under the stars, talk nonsense and play board games. One friend even invited his gorgeous dance partner and performed salsa for us.

Wedding Ideas Singapore family

Glamping is truly a unique experience. You’ll get to experience the nature and try out something different things in the Singapore city jungle. At night, the sea breeze is really cooling and the sound of waves will lull you sleep.

All in all, we spent about $1500 on our big day. It’s not a huge nor small amount, but the memory we got is priceless. Come to think of it, if you book a restaurant for your ROM and invite your friends and family, it’s easily more than $1500. But the fun you are going to have is far more if you use my wedding ideas. 😊 If this unique wedding idea is what you are looking for, feel free to contact me I will be able to get you a discount!

Wedding Ideas Singapore friends

And I just want to give a special thank to all our family members and friends who attended and supported our big day. Our young videographer Aaron is so talented in video making, even though he’s only 19 years old. Thank you to our photographer Jeremy Teo, Trisha and my sister Poppy, who helped us take so many amazing pictures and documented down those precious moments. Thank you Caleb, Alvina, Abel, Zhang Quan and Tze Yang for the awesome planning and awesome fun! I love you guys!