Visit Meteora Travel – Why It Should Be On Your Bucket List?

Meteora has always been one of my favorite destinations. Why? It’s a magical place located in the middle of Greece and a beautiful UNESCO world heritage that offers a very good photography spot for landscape photographers. This is the main reason of my travel to Meteora: photography and landscapes. In the meantime, I also wanted to visit the monasteries situated on the top of the hills. Here’s a post dedicated to Visit Meteora Travel. I’m sure it can convince you to add Meteora to your bucket list.

Visit Meteora Travel – Where it is?

Meteora is located in the center of Greece. You can reach it easily by the bus from 2 cities, Thessalonikki or Volos. Although it’s probably faster from Volos, I went from Thessalonikki as I wanted to visit this city first.

Anyway these two cities have airports. From the airports, you can easily reach the bus station and take a bus to Kalambaka (around 2 hrs), which is the main village of the area located at the feet of Meteora (this is the name of the touristic spot and monasteries).

Visit Meteora Travel – Best time to go?

I came to Kalambaka in August during summer because I made this trip together with other Greek places. But the heat made the climbs rather difficult, so it’s preferable to visit during May or June.

Visit Meteora Travel  – What to see?

Kalambaka is a small village. In order to fully appreciate its beauty, I recommend around 3/4 days, considering that not all of monasteries have the same closing time. In Kalambaka, you can find many tourist shops, good restaurants and information.  I recommend you to visit the Byzantine church of Virgin Mary in Kalambak and take photos at the top of the monasteries during sunset.

There are a total 7 monasteries at the top of the hills in Meteora, they are:

Visit Meteora Travel – Travel tips

To visit the monasteries, you can take the bus that depart from Kalambaka to Meteora by the main street that circumnavigates the whole area.  Another way to reach Meteora is by foot. There’s a hiking path that links directly to the feet of the monastery of Agios Triados. During my stay in Kalambaka, I tried this option and it’s an experience that I’ll never forget.

It needs around 2 hrs to reach the bottom of Agios Triados, then another 1000 steps to get to the top.  If you don’t have much time or if you are not physically fit, you can opt for the bus option instead.

Visit Meteora Travel – Where to eat?

Kalambaka has many restaurants and their variety is very wide. There are restaurants for all kinds of food at good prices. There are also some pubs and other places where you can hang out after dinner.

Traveling to Meteora is a unique experience. It’s a fusion of Greek history, relaxing pace and beautiful landscape. If you want to explore the beauty of Greece, the tasty food and the hospitality of the locals, there’s no better place than Meteora.

About Giuseppe Sapori

Giuseppe Sapori is a professional landscape photographer and travel blogger. He was born and lives in Rome, a fascinating place of culture and art. However he calls himself a lover of travel and adventures, over the years he has developed a keen interest in the discovery of new places especially for city art or places of natural beauty.





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  • EmiLyGraYsoN

    Hi..I was looking for Meteora tour and I came across your blog. Where do I find more info about the bus to Meteora?I’m on budget tight planning and might not consider to hire any tour. I’m also not a good hiking person as well.. Much appreciate your help & info. Thanks..!!

    • Hi Emily sorry for the late reply. This article is contributed by professional traveler and photographer Giuseppe Sapori. You can connect with him with the links above. 🙂 Have a great trip!

    • Hi Emily thank you so much for checking out my blog. I’m sorry that I replied so late. You can contact the author Giuseppe at his website for more details. 🙂 Safe trip!

  • Great article to read, i have seen many pictures of this amazing area and now i know some details aswell. The monasteries look amazing pearched u on the rocks. We are yet to get to Greece but its on the list

    • Glad you find it helpful! Hope that you can uncheck this bucketlist soon!

  • Kenny T.K. Chow

    When it comes to Greece everyone thinks about the islands in the southern side of the country. That’s nice to know more about some unique places in the central area. The rocks looks spectacular! @ knycx.journeyng

  • Any UNESCO site would get my attention but Meteora looks particularly remarkable. The monasteries seem to have come straight from the rocks like they were born together since recorded history. It sounds like a challenging, but rewarding effort to reach this stunning place.

    • I’m totally awed by Meteora’s beauty too. I’m sure you will enjoy it, especially after the hike!

  • megan_claire

    Ever since I’ve seen photos of this monastery on top of a dramatic cliff face I’ve wanted to visit Meteora – the landscapes and the stunning setting for a cultural attraction is such a big draw for me 🙂

  • I can see from your photos the reason you like to visit this area.The geography is stunning. I think I can see faces in the rocks on your second photo (the one with the map in the lower half). I do find it interesting that there are so many monasteries built on top of hills in this area.

    • What an interesting formation isn’t it? You are very observant indeed with the face spotting!