Traveler Biography



These people are the ones who dare to live up their travel dreams and kind enough to share their stories,  
in order to inspire you to travel Longer, Better and Smarter.
Curious to find out what do they do in their lives?  
See the biographies below and be inspired.

Amanda Webber

My travel philosophy would be to tread lightly.
Founder of Happy Daze

Lucy and Ben

Built Our New Home On Wheels


Avid Trekker & Explorer

Lianne Brozo

Korean-American Adoptee 
Founder of 


In the World I travel, I am Endlessly Creating Myself
Founder of The Bizzy Passport


Avid Traveler


Once Small Town Girl, Turned Full-time Wanderer
Founder of A and A Take The World


Life is Fueled by Travel
Founder of Life by Linda

JC Pieri

Ambassador for GoPro, Nixon & Eastpack
Founder of JC Pieri Visual


Part-time Photographer, Full Time Military
Wander at Heart

Giuseppe Sapori

Professional photographer/travel blogger
Founder of The Time Stuck


A German traveler in her 30’sis 
Founder of Miss Abroad


A single lady who loves to travel
Been to 52 countries & the list is growing


Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger
Founder of Jojoscherbatsky  

Sathya Parthasarath

Financial data analyst by profession
Photographer and traveller by heart


Avid Travel Blogger/ Writer
World Explorer


Cruise and Travel Blogger from Australia
Founder of Life With Tiarna


22 years old Travel Addict/Blogger
Founder of Anne's Travel Booklet 


Passion Traveler/ Movie Maniac/ Tennis Enthusiast
Founder of Discover with Stefan


26 years old Spanish girl
Travel and Photography addict

Kia Hui

Singapore Journalist/Traveler
"Each trip is like a three-part trilogy..."

Lore Dewulf

A Belgian addicted to traveling
A Mum of 2 lovely kids

Rob Stamm

21 year old photographer / videographer /
consultant from NYC

Jeremy Teo

A lens addict and a photography enthusiast
Specialise in Creative Photography 


Travel Blogger
Write about Mental Health & Travel Recommendations

Mick Blinkhoff

Traveler, Writer, Photographer
Traveled over 50 countries and more than 150 cities

Khaleelah Jones

Travel Blogger, Writer
Freelance Consultant for Startups

Margherita Campart

Have been to more than 10 countries
Loves traveling & exploring cultures

Zach Chmael

Photographer, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur
SideCar Cinema Founder


Writer, Photographer, Software Engineer
Founder of blog “Safarzaade”.

Felix Heller

Traveler, Photographer 
From Hamburg, Germany

Colin Miller

Digital & Content Marketer
Traveled Over 100 Countries

Brook Woolf

Founder of Indigo Warrior 
Empowerment Coach 

Don Wilson

Traveler, Hiking Lover
From Hay River, Canada

Nico Koch

18 Year Old Photographer
From Hamburg in Germany

Vicky Wang

Traveler, Fashion Designer
Beautiful Taiwan Girl

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