Taipei itinerary 7 days

TAIPEI Itinerary 7 days cover

TAIPEI Itinerary 7 days cover

Taiwan has always been the top of my travel list. Many that have been there would say one trip is never enough to finish exploring and enjoying the beauty of Taiwan. Hence, my first trip there is to explore the northern part, including the Taipei city. So in this guide, I’m going to share with Taipei itinerary 7 days. By the way, I’m starting another website to help people to earn passive income in Singapore from the stock market, feel free to check out Invest Travel Play!

When was my trip?

I was there during the end of August. It was a spur of the moment as my hubby and I had an itch to travel again. Going to Taiwan in August is a “gamble”. The weather is unpredictable as you may have to anticipate thunderstorm one day and hot sunny days the next.

Trying their local food should be a priority. Hiking and sight-seeing was my second & third activity here.

Taipei itinerary 7 days Da'an Park Taipei

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What you need to know before going:

Book a Cheap Flight: Skyscanner compares prices of various airlines. So you’ll find out the best-deal flights in less than 5 seconds!

Average Budget for food & transportation: 700-1,000 NTD/day

Necessities: Umbrella / Universal Plug

Language spoken: Mandarin. 90% of the signboards are in Chinese, except for train stations. Best to learn the basic phrases.

Mode of transportation: Bus & Train. I prefer to buy tokens instead of metro cards.

Buy Travel Insurance: I didn’t buy any travel insurance when I visited Taiwan and I got myself in big trouble in the end. Since then, I’ve learned a huge lesson to buy travel insurance every time I go overseas, no matter how far or how near it is. One great global insurance that’s very trustworthy and claims friendly is World Nomad.

Taipei itinerary 7 days Chiang Kai Sek Park Taipei

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Taipei itinerary 7 days – Must go places in Taipei

  1. The iconic Taipei 101

Purchase a ticket to the Observatory for a great view of the city. Trust me, it’s worth the long queue. You will spend an hour or so marveling the great view. Tip: If you want to have a coffee at the highest Starbucks, you will need to make a reservation the day before.

Taipei itinerary 7 days View from Taipei 101

  1. Xiang Shan (Elephant Hill)

One of the best views of city skyline, also you will be able to catch a great view of Taipei 101 from the hill. Don’t worry if you are not a regular hiker, it’s just a 20 minutes hike to the top. Do come in the evening so that you can enjoy the sunset. Tip: Best not to come on the weekends as this is a very popular hiking spot for both tourist & locals.

Taipei itinerary 7 days Elephant Hill (XiangShan)

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  1. Nights Markets!

Taipei is a night market haven, each has their own uniqueness. We decided to visit the more local ones for their authentic food. The average price of food starts from 50 NTD onwards.

  • Xi Men – If you are new to night markets, this would be a good one to explore first. It’s Japanese influenced.  They have a good mix of food stalls and retail shops to see.
  • Raohe – This is a more traditional night market. Less touristy. Base on my research, locals like to come here too. There is a wholesale mall nearby call Wu Fen Pu for the shopaholics.
  • Ningxia – Located in front of a school, hence the food here looks like it’s catered more for students.

Taipei itinerary 7 days – Must go places near Taipei

  1. JiuFen – Santorini / Hallstatt of Taiwan (1 Day trip)

Taipei itinerary 7 days Jiufen 1

It’s a small beautiful mountain town, north of Taiwan. Old Street is the main attraction here. Over there, you can try out all their local delights and enjoy the spectacular view. You can actually finish exploring this town within a day. If you are on a budget, I would suggest that you stay in Jiufen and make day trips to ShiFen as well as Keelung from here. The average price per night there is 1400 NTD / 48 USD.

Taipei itinerary 7 days Jiufen (3)

Taipei itinerary 7 days Jiufen (5)

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  1. ShiFen (Half Day Trip)

This little town is known for the releasing of paper lanterns. It is believed that writing down your wishes on the paper lantern and releasing it up to the sky will make your wishes come true. Don’t forget to take a stroll to the Shifen Waterfalls to marvel at the Niagara Waterfalls of Taiwan.

  1. Kee Lung  / Ji Lung (Half day trip)

Kee Lung is famous for its night market and seafood. You’ll find more savory food and less dessert there, unlike night markets in Taipei.

Taipei itinerary 7 days Keelung Harbour (2)

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Taipei itinerary 7 days -Where to stay

I would definitely recommend staying in Xi Men. It’s at the heart of Taipei City. Going anywhere from there is very easy. One of the best parts of traveling is to stay at different hotels: that moment when you first open the door of your hotel room…so exciting!

VIA Hotel Xi Men is highly recommended. It’s located right in the middle of Xi Men night market. The staff there are very helpful and friendly. The Lobby area is even filled with snacks and beverages provided free for the guests. The cost is about 2,000 NTD / 68 USD per night.

taipei itinerary 14 days

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