5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore

Hurray holidays are finally coming! When I was a student, holidays are the one thing I look forward to the most. To date, it still is! No matter it’s short or long holidays, it’s time to leave your textbooks for a while and go out to have some fun! After all, we need to strike a balance between study and play, agree? And during the upcoming March school holidays, if you can’t afford to go overseas, Singapore has a lot of things to offer too! Below are the 5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore.

5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore – Visit Sembawang Hotsprings

Do you know that there’s a natural hotsprings in Singapore? Not kidding, it’s in Sembawang! When I first got to know about this, my jaw just dropped. I just can’t associate the hot Singapore with hotsprings together. Being a curious cat, I went down to check it out. And to my surprise, it was sooooooooooo different from the hotsprings I had imagined. Although it’s nothing like the ones in Japan, it’s still quite an experience.


Instead of submerging yourself in a big pool of water, you’ll need to use buckets to fill up the hotspring water. If you are a first-timer like me, the best you can do is probably submerging your feet into the busket. The alkaline spring water is said to cure rheumatism, and heal skin problems such as acne or psoriasis. Although there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims, the heat of the water can relax muscles and joints. That’s for sure. 😛

Tips: The water is really super hot! According to the Straits Times, it’s more than 70 degree Celsius. So don’t ever submerge your feet inside until it’s properly cooled. There’s a man who lost six toes back in 2002 due to the water heat.

5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore – Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Are you and your family a fan of Universal Studio movies? If yes, this theme park is the right place! Inside the park, there are many fun and exciting rides. Be it roller coaster, 4D movie experience, grand parades, you’ll find everything you need to evoke your childhood dream. However, do prepare yourself for the large crowd if you are going during the March school holidays. If you want to skip the queue and don’t mind paying extra, you can consider getting yourself a fast pass.

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays USS

Tips: Don’t get your tickets on the spot or from the USS official website, it’s more expensive as compared to getting one from a tour agency. You can find dozens of tour agencies in Chinatown, which offer at least $10 cheaper than the official ticket price. And yes, they are valid tickets and you can enter the theme park without any problem.

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays castle

5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore – Swim at Adventure Cove

This water theme park is another park located in Sentosa which I highly recommend. If you don’t mind getting darker and love to experience thrill slides, this is the best place in Singapore. Apart from the slides, there is also a wave pool and a snorkeling tank. I really enjoy the snorkeling as there are many colorful fishes and corals inside the tank. It’s a great experience for those who haven’t experience snorkeling in the sea before!

Tips: Just like USS tickets, you can get much cheaper tickets at a tour agency.

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays cove

5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore – Wave House

Craving for more water splash? Check out the Wave House! Located along Sentosa Siloso Beach, it’s the only place in Singapore where you can surf with the ideal waves! It’s gonna take time to get to get a hang of it if you’re a first timer. But trust me, surfing is super fun. Do prepare for the falls though! After all, falling and failing is part and parcel of mastering anything.

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays Wavehouse resized

5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore – Mega Zip

MegaZip combines adrenaline, speed and fun to let you fly like an eagle! Also located at Sentosa Siloso Beach, the zipline is at 75 meters high, 40 meters long and heart pounding speed of 60kph. As you are sliding down, you’ll get to see the beautiful seas right beneath your feet, a great adventure indeed!

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays Megazip5

Sadly, there’s no cheap ticket anywhere else in Singapore. However, you can get your ticket from the official website to receive 10% discount. Apart from MegaZip, the company also offers other activities such as climbing course (MegaClimb). You can make it a combo to enjoy further discount.

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays Megazip

5 Best School Holidays Activities Singapore – Where to Stay in Sentosa?

As you can see, there are so many fun places for you to explore during this March school holidays. If you want to explore Sentosa at a relaxing pace, I highly recommend you to check in a hotel inside the resort. In this way, you and your family or friends can slowly take time to go for all the little adventure the resort has to offer.

5 Fun Things You Must Do In March School Holidays FESTIVE

I personally recommend Hotel Festive as it’s one of the most affordable hotel in Sentosa. What’s more, the family room is really sweet and comfortable, perfect for 3-4 people. You can make your booking through hotel booking sites like Booking.com or Agoda. Personally I prefer Agoda as it offers the cheapest price among all.

Enjoy your holidays!