Planning Road Trip Around Australia

Planning Road Trip Around Australia cable beach

You may think “weird”! An Italian couple sharing a story about Australia?! Yes, just like this 🙂
Honestly we love Italy and maybe in the future I will tell you about the magic island Sardinia with
amazing beaches and stunning landscape. But this time I want to share our awesome road-trip around Australia – 35 days, 13.000 km, so many things seen, felt, lived. Here’s the best guide in planning road trip around Australia.

Planning Road Trip Around Australia cable beach

Thanks to WORKING HOLIDAY VISA, we decided to go to Melbourne and started a 7-month long work. Then we moved to Margaret River in Western Australia to do the famous farm job to extend our visa for the 2nd year. After a few more months of working, we rented a van and started our road trip around Australia.

Planning Road Trip Around Australia – Best Time to Go?

Australia is a big country, so the seasons are very different. In my opinion, the best time to start your road trip is end of April and May, or October and November. During these few months, the temperature is perfect for swimming and camping. You should drive from 500 to 900 km per day, take a rest from 6pm to 6 am. Try to avoid driving at night as animals may be running around. You don’t want to bang into them and get into horrible accidents.

Planning Road Trip Around Australia Alice

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Planning Road Trip Around Australia – Where to Camp?

Camping is the best as it helps to save a lot of money while enjoying the nature. We used the camping app to find all the information about campsites around Australia. It’s very useful and you can download it for FREE. In certain campsites, you can also take a shower and light a fire.

Planning Road Trip Around Australia – Where to Refuel?

Fuel is the most expensive thing of the trip. Because the country is so big, you often find yourself driving a long distance before reaching the next town for refuel. That’s why it’s important to get filled before embarking your next long journey. It’s also recommended to have at least 10 liters of patrols in the car for emergency.

In a small town, there’s tend to be only 1 gas refuel station available. Gas fee is bound to be more expensive there.  That’s why it’s wiser to refuel your tank in big towns or cities, where there are more petrol stations for you to compare prices from. You can use this app to locate the nearest petrol stations around you.

Planning Road Trip Around Australia van

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Planning Road Trip Around Australia – Where to Eat?

To save money, we usually keep our meals simple by eating more vegetables and fruits, and avoiding meat and cheese. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking and washing the dishes. You can also take it as an opportunity to clean your body internally.

Planning Road Trip Around Australia – Where to Visit?

Austalia is so beautiful and has so many things to offer. It’s really hard to choose which is my favourite destinations. But to help you plan better, here are the top 5 places you must not miss.

1. Monkey mia

Planning Road Trip Around Australia monkey mia

Renowned as one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world, Monkey Mia is
the only place in Australia where dolphins visit daily, not just seasonally. Every morning, between 7.30am and noon, bottlenose dolphins regularly swim to shore to interact with humans, under Department of Parks and Wildlife rangers supervision, you can be selected to enter in the shallows and feed these magnificent creatures. A small entry fee must be paid to enter the reserve, but the dolphin interaction is free.

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2. Karijini national park

Planning Road Trip Around Australia karijini

The park is most notable for its many spectacular rugged scenery, ancient geological formations, a varietyof arid-land ecosystems gorges containing slot canyons, waterfalls and water holes where visitors refresh and swim. There is a system of excellent walking trails that suit everyone from the beginner to the adventurous. Explore the serpentine tunnels of marbled rock, clamber over boulders and squeeze through narrow tunnels, inch your way along ledges, paddle through hidden waterways and descend deep into chasms this is why is known as Journey to the Center of the Earth. Day Pass: $12 per car, $6 for seniors and $6 for motorbikes.

3.Gantheaume point and cable beach in Broome

Planning Road Trip Around Australia gatheaume point

Gantheaume Point is a red-sandstone headland that juts out into the Indian Ocean about 5 minutes drive from the main Broome township. It is is renowned as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, with twenty-two kilometres of pristine white sands and all the space you could desire fringing the fresh clear, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and its iconic camel rides.

It is also the best spot where lots of young folk enjoying the jumps into the ocean, but please note that lifeguards do not patrol, and in some weather conditions can be dangerous.

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4.Mataranka termal pool

Planning Road Trip Around Australia mataranka pool

The Mataranka Thermal pool is the biggest draw card to the region. Nestled amongst tall shady
Mataranka Palms (Livistonia ….) the thermal pools pump out a tremendous amount of warm water which
has soothed many a traveller over the years. The pool maintains a constant temperature of 34 degrees, making it an ideal place to relax, swim or camp overnight at very low cost. The entry is free!

5.Airlie beach and Whitehaven beach

Planning Road Trip Around Australia whitehaven

Airlie Beach is one of many departure points for the Great Barrier Reef. Over there, you must book a trip to whitsundays island with Camira catamaran. You can’t miss whiteheaven beach, walk along its seven kilometres of
pure white sand and swim in the crystal clear Coral Sea. Moreover after a short bushwalk you need to go
up to Hill Inlet Lookout and check out the breathtaking view from the top, remember to take some
amazing photos,you will remember this place for the rest of your life.

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Planning Road Trip Around Australia – Other Places to Visit

Pinnacle desert
meal at lobster shack in Cervantes
monkey mia (we saw wild dolphins close to shore)
Airlie beach
Whitsunday island (whiteheaven beach and hill inlet lookout)
Hamelin pool
Karijini national park
Gantheaume point and cable beach in Broome
El Questro national park (we saw so many bat and flying fox)
Kathrine thermal pool
Jumping crocodile cruise in Adelaide river near Darwin
Mataranka termal pool
windy hill wind farm near Cairns
Cairns esplanade lagoon
Airlie beach
Whitsunday island (whiteheaven beach and hill inlet lookout)
cityhopper (free cruises) on the river of Brisbane
skypoint observation deck and surfer paradise beach in Gold Coast
Byron bay and cape Byron light (we saw whale)
Nimbin village
tacking point lighthouse in Port Macquarie (we saw whale)
Sydney cbd and cruise to Watson bay
Bondi beach and surrounds

Check out the video below to see the road trip in action!

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