Organized Packing for Travel – Best Travel Kits You Can Ever Find

Organized Packing for Travel

Year-end is around the corner and here comes the travel season again! Do you agree that when you go travel, you would love to pack your stuff as neat and organized as possible, so that you can easily retrieve what you need without any hassle? But the truth is, we find it very hard to organize all the items and often need to struggle with multiple bags or pouches. If you are facing the same problem, I have a solution for you! Below are the two best kits I’ve ever come across in organized packing for travel.

Organized Packing for Travel

Organized Packing for Travel –  Money Belt Pouch

When I travel, I always like to keep a money belt pouch with me. The more inconspicuous the money pouch is, the better it is. You know how dangerous it can be in certain countries. If your pouch or bag is too obvious, you can be an easy target for pickpockets.

Organized Packing for Travel money pouch belt

That’s why when I saw this money pouch belt on Amazon, I immediately fell in love with it.  This pouch is designed by Global Citizen Designs and has 2 zippered pockets. It gives you easy access to your passport, smartphone, travel documents, tickets, cash, and credit cards. You can easily wear it under your clothes without anyone knowing, making traveling so easy and safe! You can get it from Amazon at $16.97 only!

Organized Packing for Travel money belt

GCD Quality Travel Money Belt – Itch Free, Keeps Your Passport Safe, RFID Blocker

Organized Packing for Travel – Toiletry Bag

Another great product I adore is this Toiletry Bag. When we are traveling, we are bound to bring a lot of toiletry and cosmetic with us. This bag helps us to keep everything organized! It has 2 detachable compartments, zippered pockets, and elastic loops to hold your toothbrush, razor and make-up. It easily fits in your carry-on thanks to its flat and compact design. Traveling and packing is now a piece of cake! The bag is selling at $15.97 only and you can get it from Amazon too.

Organized Packing for Travel toiletry bag

GCD Hanging Cosmetic Bag – Keeps You Organized, Detachable Pockets, Travel Toiletry Kit Fits In Carry On

Because the travel kits are so good,  it’s only right to share them with you! That’s why I decided to partner with Global Citizen Designs and give away these two amazing products to two lucky winners! For Oct, we are giving away the smart MONEY BELT to help you stay safe and organized on the road. Here’s how you can win it in 4 simple steps:

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Organized Packing for Travel toiletry organiser

To be qualified as the winner, you must be a US resident who is above 18 years old. If you satisfy both criteria, then you are good to go! The giveaway ends 31 October 2017 at 11:59pm PST. One lucky winner will be announced. Good luck!