1. megan_claire

    Love this! As a musical theatre fan broadway was my New York City dream, and ice skating in central park as I’ve seen on so many romantic movies! I didn’t head over to the Statue of Liberty, but I did take the free Staten Island Ferry which offered aweome views of both the NYC skyline and lady liberty, and I felt that was good enough 🙂

  2. Of course I would visit all those places if I was in New York – I couldn’t go there and NOT see all the attractions I’ve heard so much about! But then I’d go and find some places off the beaten track to balance it out so I didn’t spend all my time with other tourists!!

  3. Edith Carolina Rodriguez

    I definitely agree with visiting the places mentioned. New York is one of my favorite cities and have gone back three times instead of planning a trip to a new city! Whoops! Some places are just so alive and fun.

  4. Cindy Collins

    New York is such an amazing city and my favourite in the world so far. There is so much to do there that many trip is needed to see it all. This is a great list with all the major attractions. Central Park is one of my favourite especially in Autumn. Thanks for sharing. You make me want to go back there pronto!

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