Live Up Your New York City Dream

New York City Dream empire state building

New York City, the cradle of the American Dream, is beautiful, refined and bold. The city long ago gained its fame as a land of freedom, passion, and dreams. People still strive to go to New York to pursue their ambitions. Travelers worldwide are drawn to this city for its beauty. Below, discover the top five attractions to live up to your New York City dream.

New York City Dream No. 1 — The Statue of Liberty

When you’re in NYC, there’s an iconic spot you wouldn’t miss — the Statue of Liberty. Built in 1886, it’s the world’s largest statue and stands 93 meters (102 yards) tall. To date, it remains a famous world symbol of freedom and one of the greatest American icons. As it’s located on Liberty Island, you’ll have to take a short boat ride to get there. To find out more about the ferry tickets, check out the official website.

New York City Dream statue of liberty

Photo by Brandon Mowinkel on Unsplash

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New York City Dream No. 2 — Empire State Building

Another famous landmark is the Empire State Building. It stands 381 meters (417 yards) in height, and the 102-story building was the tallest in the world when it opened in 1931. Its 86th (main deck) and 102nd floor (top deck) observatories provide amazing 360-degree views of New York City and beyond. No visit to NYC is complete without experiencing the top of the Empire State Building. To save your time queuing for the tickets, you can get yours from the website.

New York City Dream empire state building

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

New York City Dream No. 3 — Central Park

Wondering where the playground is for New Yorkers? No doubt, it has to be Central Park. This beautiful park was captured in so many great Hollywood movies, such as “King Kong” and “Home Alone 2.” Its existence makes New York such a beautiful city and not simply a concrete jungle. In summer, you can have a relaxing paddle in the lake. In winter, you can skate while admiring the city landscape.

New York City Dream central park

Photo by Laith Abdulkareem on Unsplash

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New York City Dream No. 4 — Fifth Avenue

If you love shopping, Fifth Avenue is definitely in your dream list. As New York’s premier shopping destination, Fifth Avenue has many top-end designer flagship stores. Whether you’re looking for Cartier, Tiffany, or the famous Apple Store Fifth Avenue, you’ll find your favorite brand. Even if you don’t buy anything, at the end of the day, the walk itself is enjoyable and priceless.

New York City Dream fifth avenue

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

New York City Dream No. 5 — Broadway Show

Another highlight you shouldn’t miss when you are in NYC is a Broadway show. Considered the pinnacle of American theater, Broadway is every actor’s dream. Whether you’re looking for the latest shows or the long-running classics, Broadway has something for you.

New York City Dream theatre

Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

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New York City Dream — Just One More Night

One can never get enough of New York in one day. That’s why you should spend at least a night or two to slowly discover its beauty. I highly recommend sourcing your perfect hotel from Hotel Planner, which offers myriad of choices at affordable prices.

New York City Dream hotel

Are you ready to live up to your New York dream? Share with us your experience and why you love New York. Whether the American dream can be found is questionable, but New York City will always remain in our travel dream. That’s for sure.

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