About Neska

My name is Esther, my nickname is Neska, I’m 26 years old and I was born in Bayonne, a city in the Bask Country. For those who don’t know where the Bask Country is, it’s located in the North-West of Spain and South-West of France. This part is also named “Euskadi”.

It’s a very nice place with a strong (bask) culture (of course) and a very good gastronomy! Between mountain – the Pyrenees – and sea – the Ocean Atlantic – you will be surprised by its nature’s beauty. If you go there, you cannot miss climbing the Rhune, the famous mountain in the French part and visit the wonderful beach called La Concha in San Sebastian, the Spanish part.


During my Business School Degree, I spent 2 years in Chile and thanks to it, I had the chance to discover Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. These 2 years in Chile were a fascinating experience; I traveled all over this long country from North to South – about 4.000 km!

I will always remember how shiny were the stars in Patagonia (tierra del fuego) in the South but I still don’t know if I’d rather prefer the Atacama’s desert, located in the northern region of the country. I’ve fallen in love with South America and I know I will be back one day!

Since my return, I’m leaving in Barcelona and I swear, I love this city! Firstly, because it’s most of the time sunny and secondly, it’s very dynamic and enchanting. Check out my guide and Experience Barcelona Like A Local!

I’m currently living near to the Sagrada Familia – the heart of the city. I am sharing an apartment with my Frenchy roomie, and she is as much in love with Barcelona’s soul as I am. The funny story is that she was in the same Business School than me, and we met each other again in Barcelona 2 years later! The world can be very small sometimes.

I’m working as a sales assistant to save some money in order to make a big trip around the world. It’s a dream I have since I was a child and. Trust me, I’m sooooooo determined to make it come true!! Of course, I also travel as often as I can. Most of my trips were around Europe; I’ve already visited some capitals such as Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Roma, Dublin, London, Brussels, Amsterdam…

I share all my adventures on my Instagram account: Neskatraveller. I hope to see you there!