About Natasha AKA The Russian Spy

I’m a Blogger at Originally from Russia, I moved to Ireland when I was only 18. Since then I’ve been living in Ireland, Canada, and travelling all over the world. Travelling is something I absolutely love. There is nothing like the excitement of being in a new unfamiliar place, getting lost, exploring and learning something new every day.

My husband, who is Canadian, is my best friend and my travel companion. Recently we had a small addition to our travel-obsessed family, which is our son Hayden Blake, who is almost one year old now! I can’t wait to take him on our next adventure and show him this big and beautiful world.


My travel philosophy is to keep it as authentic as possible, really trying to get a feel of a place, eat local food, learn about the culture and traditions. That’s why, whenever possible, I try to visit places where I know someone who can show me around (as a Russian spy I have friends all over the world J), or talk to locals who can give recommendations for places to eat or things to do.

So far I have visited 28 countries in four continents (Europe, Asia, North America and South America). Looking forward to seeing so many more! Recently I wrote about Best Things to do in Luang Prabang, which is a super magical place to visit. Check out my guide to find out more!

Follow me on my past and upcoming adventures! You can connect with me on IG @adventuresofarussiaspy, on Facebook, @adventuresofarussianspy or check out my blog,

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