Lonnie Johnson

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma Lonnie hiking

My name is Lonnie Johnson, I am a 20 yr old entrepreneur whose main objective is to travel the world and inspire others to do the same. I want to show people what they are not used to seeing. I want to inspire others to get up and go learn.


It is a fact that traveling is the easiest way to become a genius. Traveling enables you to use both sides of your brain, which makes you think wiser with different perspectives. Also it is a major spiritual booster!

I’ve been to over 10 different states and countless cities. Deciding to travel at first was a scary thought. I thought how would people look or even think of me, when they don’t know anything about me. Would racism be a problem? A lot of fearful thoughts came to my mind. But I decided to do it anyway. I won’t ever regret it, because the things I have seen and felt are amazing!

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma Lonnie hiking

Check out my story which I share about the Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma. If you are interested in my travel story or want to see a few of my videos, my travel vlog is Iamlonnie25.com. you can also follow me on Instagram @iamlonnie25). Connect with you soon!