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Who Am I?

I am Lizzie, a single lady of a certain age with an ever growing bucket list and a feeling that I am running out of time. I work full time so currently travel is confined to two or three big trips a year plus as many weekend breaks as I can squeeze in. My travel mantra is “if I can get there I will go” and it’s rare that I revisit somewhere as there is so much world out there waiting to be explored.

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I have been to 52 countries but am realizing more and more it’s not about numbers but experiences. I like to get off the main tourist track and love homestays and Airbnb for the more authentic experience it offers but am not averse to a little luxury having recently splurged on a Caribbean cruise.

Lizzie profile

My first two trips abroad were in the 70’s to stay with pen-pals in France and Denmark but my real wanderlust started in my mid 40’s  as my children had got older and increased access to online planning meant we began to venture further afield. My eldest daughter lived and worked in China after graduating and my younger daughter taught summer camp in USA and ski season in Canada whilst my son has been my travel companion in Asia and Africa in recent years so it’s fair to say we are a family of travelers. I have three wonderful friends who I met via a ladies travel club called Thelma and Louise and we have had many an adventure with more to come as we plan our retirement travels. I love to take photographs to record my travels, check me out on Instagram @Lizzie_goes.