Hi, I’m Kels, an Interior Designer and avid traveler. I caught the wanderlust bug in 2012 when I took a
summer course in London for 5 weeks and have yet to recover. It was my first trip overseas, and it
opened my perspective to all that was possible and what was now an essential part of my life; to
discover more and more of the world. With that love of travel, I am also a homebody, I love Seattle and
the Northwest where I grew up. The crisp air, evergreens, and rain are all comforts to me!

C S Lewis House Oxford me and louise

As an Interior Designer I am always seeking inspiration for my work, and travel has been such an amazing way to find it. I’ll see it everywhere; in architecture, a park’s landscape, the interior of a coffee shop, even the uneven cobblestones of a small alleyway. With such inspiration at my fingertips I have made it a goal to visit a new place every year, and let every new experience influence my work and my life. I’m a firm believer that there is no one way to live life but to live it free and fulfilled. I’m also a firm believer that travel is one of the most fulfilling of life’s endeavors. May I never recover.