1 Day Jungfraujoch Travel Guide

Jungfraujoch Travel Guide maddy

I was desperate to go to Switzerland for as long as I could remember to see the spectacular landscape. I was fortunate enough to have 8 days there while on in Europe last year and it did not disappoint. Switzerland is a beautiful country and even in summer I was able to marvel at the beautiful Alps and participate in crazy adrenaline activities. One of the many highlights was 1 day Jungfraujoch travel trip, which was a day tour to the ‘Top of Europe.’ I went during summer, however I believe you can go here all year round.

Jungfraujoch Travel Guide summer

1 Day Jungfraujoch Travel Guide Tour

Some people chose to go to Jungfrau without a tour, but as a solo traveller I wanted to meet people and have a stress-free day that I didn’t have to organise. The tour itself cost $300AUD and included transfers from Lucerne, lunch and other transportation. Yes, this was pricey, however I wasn’t staying in Interlaken which is close to the mountain. Viator (another tour organization) offer cheaper tours and I’m sure there are other groups that are even cheaper.

Jungfraujoch Travel Guide train

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What do you do in Jungfraujoch?

To get to the ‘Top of Europe’ you have to board Europe’s highest altitude railway station, Jungfraubahn. The train takes you via Kleine Scheidegg and through Eiger North Wall, up to Jungfraujoch. When you reach the summit, you are 4,158metres above sea level and are in the amazing Bernese Alps.

Jungfraujoch Travel Guide mountain

At the submit, you can enjoy snow and ice all year round as well as other attractions, like the Sphinx Hall, Lindt Chocolate shop and the Ice Palace, where artists have created beautiful sculptures.

jungfraujoch travel ice tunnel

My favourite part was the Sphinx Observation deck.  The view here was amazing, you could picture in winter people skiing and snowboarding through the area. Even though it was extremely cold I was happy just to stand and enjoy the view of the glaciers. After a while, the clouds began to move and we saw a bit of sunlight. The whole view and experience was just amazing and I’m so glad I went on this tour.

Jungfraujoch Travel Guide mountain

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Going to Jungfrau was such a unique and incredible experience. The snow, glaciers and views were amazing, even with the mist and below freezing temperatures. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so glad that I went on this tour. I got a glimpse of the Swiss landscape and I couldn’t have been more blown away by it.

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About the Traveler

Hi! I’m Maddy and I’m a Humanities and English Teacher from Australia. I love travelling to experience new things, learn about different cultures and histories. I also love being a tourist and getting lost in foreign places.

Jungfraujoch Travel Guide maddy

As a solo traveller, my philosophy is that if you had to wait for someone to go with, you would never get to go! I have learned more about myself from solo travel and have got to experience so much. I hope one day I find a travel buddy, but for the time being, I love doing it solo. I have travelled throughout Australia, New Zealand, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Budapest. At the end of the year, I’m going to Morocco, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. I’m so excited but I’m also really nervous about going alone.

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