Jess and Jamie

About Jess and Jamie

Hi! We are Jess and Jamie, a couple from Liverpool, England, currently in South East Asia. In August 2017 we waved goodbye to our friends and family, cars, house and even our jobs and set off to see a bit more of the world.


Jamie and I had always dreamed of going travelling together, but his career as a soldier meant that was nigh on impossible. Then, in July, everything changed when Jamie was medically discharged due to severe hearing loss he suffered in combat.

Having joined the British Army at the age of 16, the idea of becoming a ‘civvie’ for the first time in 12 years was daunting… so we thought why not put it off for a while and see the world? So that’s exactly what we did! I quit my job as a journalist and we boarded a plane exactly one week after Jamie’s discharge was finalised.

This journey has been the perfect bridge between Jamie’s life as a soldier and whatever comes next for us. The world really is our oyster!

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Kanchanaburi death railway

You can follow our journey on Instagram: @ourdreamdeployment