Hi! this is Isabella, Italian by birth, Caribbean by heart and wanderer by inner soul; that’s how I like to address myself. I left Italy 15 years ago when I was 30 years old. Yes I am a little aged, but just on papers, not in my nomadic spirit.

I have always worked in tourism. I started in a tourism wholesaler office in Milan until I asked my boss to send me to different destinations and work as a tourist assistant. The job enabled me to visit beautiful places and at the same time look after our guests and make sure they have a perfect vacation. I loved every bit of it.

Isabella traveling

I was traveling to amazing places that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Being a local professional is also the best way to know the country and familiarize with its culture. And so I went on, changing place every year. Egypt, Seychelles, Mexico, Antigua, Jamaica; those are places that I call home.

After about 5 years, I wanted to challenge myself with a new job. So I started to work in a hotel in Antigua. It turned out that I didn’t really like it and I moved again.

I believe that if you aren’t happy with a situation, you have just three choices: either change the situation, change the way you look at it or move away from it.

Is it safe to travel to Riviera Maya Mexico photo taking

When I was about to leave the job, I received a call from a friend who offered me an opportunity to move to Mexico. That job was just amazing. I couldn’t believe it happened to me! I felt so blessed and stayed there for 7 years! It allowed me to learn so much about Mexico and I got to travel all over the Caribbean. Check out my guide and find out is it safe to travel to Riviera Maya Mexico. 🙂

However, it happened again. My nomadic soul woke up and after much thoughts and a lot of inner brainstorming, I decided that it was time to leave again.

I took some time to save money and then resigned to live my dream – to do a road trip throughout Latin America. I have been dreaming of it for ages but never had the courage to make it a reality.

Then I started a blog. Not very original since everybody is starting a travel blog nowadays. But travel is the reason I am leaving for, it’s what makes me feel alive and in connection with myself and the universe. I need to move, to know different people, a different reality, get out of my own little world and connect, to put things into perspective.


Now I am doing house and pet sitting in a small town near Merida Mexico, while browsing around and collecting information and pictures for my next blog posts. I want to be an expert of the land that welcomed me for 7 long years and inspire people to come and travel here without fear or hesitation.

In my blog, I am writing about the places I visited in a guide format, trying to give as much practical information as possible, what to do, how to reach places, where to stay. My journey will be focused on hiking and volunteering.

I am also trying to focus on spirituality and I am going to attend a Vipassana retreat in November. I am a little nervous about it but I am sure it will be an amazing experience.

After that. I will be volunteering in Guatemala and start traveling southwards. If you wish to follow my experience and my adventures, you can find me on instagram , Facebook and twitter.

Is it safe to travel to Riviera Maya Mexico nature

I am also working on a fashion site with a friend, where we sell beautiful selected clothes online Modaclick . I love fashion but traveling with a backpack makes it difficult to dress cool, if you know what I mean. You need to stay comfortable and practical, especially if all you do is hiking and exploring the nature.  So I thought I would make other people do that for me 😉 helping them to find out the best style for every occasion.

One more thing I would like to add, which is very important for me and defines my approach to life. Once during an interview, I was asked, “Why should people travel?” I don’t think travel is a MUST. Not everybody is excited about it and that’s perfectly ok. I believe the only obligation we have towards ourselves is to be happy and do the things that make us happy. So if you are not happy where you are now, with your partner, with your job, with your life situation, just CHANGE it, step by step, little by little, as this is your duty. TO BE HAPPY!